A Quick Word About The Latest Disease Outbreak in NYC Animal Shelters

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 8.10.48 PMI know, I know, the blog is supposed to be closed and all, but I’d like to put this in the public record.

There have been a fresh round of articles about the latest outbreak of disease in the NYC shelter facilities, this outbreak getting special attention because a virus jumped species, from a cat to a person. Here’s the latest on the subject from the New York Times. Reporters seem to be shocked that this could have happened. Many New York City animal rescuers are not.

Who could have guessed that operating a constantly disease-ridden facility would risk both animal and human health and welfare… other than most of the NYC rescue community? We’ve talked privately about the possibility of something like this for years, never wanting to bring it out into the open for fear of impacting adoptions.

Thank goodness this isn’t the worst case scenario: that would be something that more easily makes the jump to humans and causes more serious illness, like swine flu – or worse.

Will the NYC Department of HEALTH, which oversees the contract of Animal Care Centers and owns the buildings they use that are the root of the problem, finally get serious about animal health to control the possibility of future calamity? Or will we wait to breed something entirely new? A drug-resistant bacteria, perhaps.

So many articles on this subject. Not one connecting the dots. The DOH, ACC and animal rescuers have all known for years that this was the risk they were taking.

Will they fix it?

Don’t hold your breath.

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