Princessa Seeks Villa near NYC!

IMG_5659I knew it would happen eventually – if you rescue cats for long enough, you will eventually rescue one who is FIV or FeLV positive. FIV doesn’t bother me – if they’re not fighters, they should be able to live with other cats well enough. FeLV is a bit different. It’s a retrovirus that is transmitted from cat to cat through bodily fluids fairly easily. FeLV cats should really only live alone or with other FeLV positive cats. Though the virus can cause illness, many cats who test positive for FeLV live long and happy lives without ever showing active symptoms. FeLV affects cats only and cannot be transmitted to humans or other pets.

I rescued Princessa from an apartment here in the Bronx where her owner was moving the next day, discovering that she was FeLV positive when she went in to be spayed – she is asymptomatic. What I had always assumed I would do would be to seek sanctuary with an organization devoted to FeLV cats, as there are a number of reputable ones nearby. But I can’t do that.

IMG_5958Princessa is simply one of the nicest, sweetest, most people-friendly cats I have ever rescued. She is extremely affectionate, curious, and confident. At our trips to the vet she walks right out of her carrier, approaches everyone, gives them head bonks and solicits petting. She loves to play. She is so very easy to handle and has never once made an attempt to scratch or bite me, even when I flip her over on her back to rub her tummy. She gets along with cats too, and used to live with another cat (who has since tested negative). She is around two years old and has striking coloring. She’s a pretty spectacular cat, and I really want to see her in a home of her own. She loves people so much, I have to give this a try for her.

If you have a place in your heart for a cat who is a little different, a little special, please email me with any questions you have. I am willing to drive any reasonable distance in the New York City area for her to meet an interested adopter. She will steal your heart as she stole mine.

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