The Fall of Bill de Blasio and the Future of NYC Shelters

The writing is on the wall; NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is pretty much done for. He’s now the subject of multiple federal investigations for various types of improper financial relations (including with NYCLASS, who have recently been subpoenaed.) It’s too much to cover here, frankly – the scandal(s) widen on an hour-by-hour basis.

Barring some minor miracle, it seems the Mayor is done for. Should he manage to serve the rest of his term, he will be powerless and friendless, his political capital gone.

Very recently the Mayor’s budget included funding for, among other projects, two desperately needed new shelter facilities and the expansion and/or repair of two more. But if de Blasio falls from power, as I expect he will, that funding may be in jeopardy: it is easy to strip funding from projects that are only in their initial phases. It will be of utmost importance that citizens of New York City make their next mayor someone who believes in those projects.

Keep an eye on developments, and keep an eye on Scott Stringer, Tish James, and Melissa Mark-Viverito.

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