Adopt a King in New York City!

Buckle in, this is kind of a long story. But King Arthur is worth it.

This past summer, Arthur was trapped in a feral colony at the request of a Large Non Profit here in NYC. He was very social, very sick, and diabetic. When he needed help, the Large Non Profit walked away and left us trappers holding the bag. We turned to the public to help treat him, and thanks to all of you who donated King Arthur got his medical treatment and treatment for a very scary hypoglycemic episode where he had multiple seizures.

At the time my vet cautioned me that the seizures had been very severe and that he could take months to recover. Hah! He was back to his old self 24 hours after discharge.

Over the next several months we got his diabetes well under control, and it’s now quite easy to manage. The seizures have been a slightly different story – once a cat begins to have seizures, it’s almost a sure thing that they will have more, and it took some months to find a balance of medication that worked for him.

I love the little bastard. He’s charming. He’s vocal. He’s hungry. He loves people and he loves to be held like a baby as he purrs away. He gets along well with cats and dogs and is easygoing and very confident. And I would love to keep him, but I can’t. He will always have the risk of the occasional seizure, which means that he has to be kept separate from my dogs any time I can’t be in the room with them. This means he has to spend an unacceptable amount of time cooped up in my bathroom. He doesn’t seem to mind, but I hate to do it to him – he simply deserves a better life than I can possibly provide for him.

I know he’s a hard sell – 6 years old, diabetic, and has seizures. But I also know that he is one heck of a cat and a total charmer, and I hope that there is someone out there who might be interested in giving him a home fit for a King with the care he deserves. He is so worth it. His ongoing care is easy and I can teach you how. He does require daily injections of insulin (which he does not mind getting), and a pill he eats in his food.

If you’d consider meeting the King, please drop me a line. He is here in New York City but I will drive any resonable distance for the right home. There is no deadline; I will not give up on him. He is with me for as long as he needs to be. But he deserves better. Could that be you?


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