Dog Condemned By Sternberg Gets Reprieve

“This dog is not a pet, and I don’t care what kind of trainer you are, you can’t make this dog a pet.” – Sue Sternberg

b0c7d7472fa4d6ac6dc134b28b4e14721c33e5f5f101323788266c70237aeffbExcept that sometimes – frequently, even – you can. When legendary dog trainer Jean Donaldson, PhD, tested Sternberg’s Assess-A-Pet temperament test at the San Francisco SPCA she commented, “We need tests that are scientifically proven to be reliable and valid. We couldn’t get Sue’s test past the reliability issue, and four of her five unadoptable dogs did fine.”

I’m guessing that the dog Sternberg recently condemned during a presentation will do pretty well. Sounds like he’s now with people with some better ideas and the patience to do an actual evaluation. Many thanks to them for believing in him.

"This dog is not a pet, and I don't care what kind of trainer you are, you can't make this dog a pet." ~Sue Sternberg…

Posted by Tennessee Death Row Dogs on Wednesday, April 29, 2015

He certainly does look like a killer…

I look forward to hearing more about Camo’s progress.

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