New Hope for Shelters for ALL of New York City? [UPDATED]

Update 2/23 – Please note there is a CHANGE OF VENUE for this hearing – it will now be held on the 14th floor of 250 Broadway at 10am on Wed, Feb 25. There is also a press conference/photo op on the steps of City Hall scheduled for 9:30.

confused_catNew York City Councilman Paul Vallone (not to be confused with his brother, Peter) has introduced a bill in the NYC Council to require full service shelters in the Bronx and Queens in addition to the other three boroughs. This will be an interesting fight, as there was a back-room deal a few years ago to get rid of the requirement for full service shelters in every borough (which had existed, unfulfilled, for a decade) in exchange for greater funding of the existing shelters. While that has happened as planned, the details of the deal have never been revealed to the public. I guess Councilman Vallone isn’t happy with how it’s worked out – and the number of sponsors the bill has attracted makes it look to me like he’s getting some traction on the issue. You may view the very simple details of the bill here.

The hearing on the proposed legislation will take place on Wed, Feb 25 at 10am at the Council Chambers of City Hall of New York City on the 14th Floor of 250 Broadway. Here are the directions for this meeting of the Health Committee, which is charged with legislative oversight of the City’s shelter system.

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