Kimbo, Once a Bronx Parking Lot Dog, Now Ready For Adoption!

kimboA few people have emailed me lately looking for updates on Kimbo, the dog rescued from living 24/7 in a parking lot in the Bronx. Kimbo went to his foster home with the incredible Scott and Tara Mikolay a few months ago. The Mikolays, who own and operate Desires by Mikolay in Chappaqua, NY are strong supporters of local animal welfare organizations and provided an ideal home for Kimbo to rest up, gain some weight, get evaluated and have some surgery to remove some lumps, bumps and skin tags.


First things first: I knew Kimbo was fantastic, but I didn’t know exactly how great he was – and he looks so much better, too! He lives with the Mikolays and two other dogs, a male mutt name Pavarotti that’s a bit smaller than him and a tiny little female pug named Minnie. The pug lays down the household rules and Kimbo follows them. He gets along wonderfully with the other two dogs in the home and likes to play with them. He’s also met dogs outside of the home and gets along with them, too!


People? Kimbo likes them too. He’s met all sorts of people and has done well with everyone, including children.

Kimbo is a bit of a couch potato – he likes to relax and hang out most of the day, but he does come alive for his daily hike, where he is trusted to be off-leash. The Mikolays can’t say enough good things about him – he is just a wonderful, low-key, friendly dog who would do well in a variety of environments and would be as suited for apartment living as he would be for a house. We’ve had some trouble getting an exact handle on his age, but he seems to be middle-aged – between three and six is a rough guess.

Kimbo had recent surgery to remove some skin tags and lumps, one of which was on his back above his spine and was quite large. These lumps were all biopsied and were all benign basal cell tumors – annoying but not life-threatening.


I can’t believe the progress Kimbo has made from the sad sack of a dog he was living exposed to the elements to the upbeat, friendly guy he is today. When I first met him I even thought he might be gray from the condition of his coat – he is in fact white, and his coat gleams!

Kimbo is fully up to date on shots, neutered, dewormed, microchipped and ready to go directly into his adoptive home. We believe him to be an IMG_9776American Bulldog mix and he’s around 70lbs. He’s come such a long way, but he won’t truly be rescued until he finds his forever home – a home he so deserves.

Can you give Kimbo his happy ending and be his forever family? His foster is about an hour north of New York City but I can facilitate a meet and greet with approved adopters anywhere in the general NYC area and transport him to you. Please email me at if you’re interested!


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