More South Bronx TNR: Foster Needed for George!

When my girlfriend and I started our small South Bronx TNR (trap/neuter/return) project here I expected most of the cats trapped to show some socialization. Most “feral” cats here in the Bronx really aren’t – living in such close proximity to humans even many who were born outside have some degree of socialization to people. What I didn’t expect was how many of the cats would be outright friendly. This has changed our expectations somewhat – we were at first thinking that TNR would be the rule and adopting out cats would be the exception… but maybe not. Many of the cats we’re running across seem to be former housecats, some very young and certainly not long out of a home. As our holding space is extremely limited and very short term, this has us scrambling for places to house some of our guests who really would be better off in homes!

IMG_8179Last night George showed up in my trap, barely out of kittenhood at less than a year old. George is a handsome and mellow dude, and when I walked up to him in his trap instead of flipping out he looked calmly at me and went back to eating his food. He was neutered this morning, he is FIV and FeLV negative, and he is waaay too friendly to be roaming the streets – the friendliest cats are in danger! We would really rather not release George – is there anyone out there who might be able to foster or even consider adopting him? Please drop us a line, we’d love to talk to you! I will not be able to hang on to George for more than a few days. A very small space is all that’s needed to buy him some time, and he’d love to hang out in your bathroom or a dog crate while we work on transitioning him into a forever home!

We’re working on a better solution to this – I’m expanding some space that will help us with some short-term holding needs, so hopefully that will cut down on the last-minute foster requests – but that space won’t be ready (and safe) for some time yet. Can anyone help George?

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