Kimbo Needs Your Help!

A few weeks ago I learned of a dog near me living in a parking lot.

kimboThis is Kimbo. Kimbo is an American Bulldog mix who is about 80lbs and has grown up living in an attended parking lot in the Bronx. He was underweight, filthy, and neglected. He sometimes had food and sometimes didn’t, and his only shelter was a doghouse far too small for him with an entryway blocked by car parts, trash, and feces.

When I learned of Kimbo I went down to the lot to see if he was there and he was – he’s very friendly and came right to me for petting and scratches. His owner left him loose all the time and Kimbo is very sociable with people and seems to be just fine with other dogs as well. He never had any problems with people or dogs passing by his parking lot home.

His owner has had some problems with Kimbo roaming – when he wants something (like food), sometimes he’ll wander out and cross the busy street that the parking lot is on to find it, then he’ll come back. The owner has been ticketed a few times for not confining him but had never done anything about it. The ASPCA has visited the owner in the lot but he was providing the basics that the law requires, albeit poorly, and he was not cited for his treatment of Kimbo.

I went down to offer the owner help, anything I could: food, medical care, a way to keep Kimbo on the property, any way to give this dog a better life – but I ran into problems as some of the lot staff speaks no English and I speak no Spanish. While I was working through that another person got Kimbo’s owner to surrender the dog to her.

IMG_7954So Kimbo is now out of the lot, but she has nowhere to keep him – he is not allowed where she lives and she can only have him there for a few days, which puts her in a bad position. I offered all the help I could and today we got Kimbo to a vet for an evaluation so we’d know what we have. Kimbo is 3 or 4 years old but currently moves like a much older dog due to being outside all of the time and being filthy – his feet are burned from the pavement and he has wounds and sores on his feet. The condition of his coat is poor and he needed flea treatment (which was the first thing we did!). He has some growths that he should probably have surgically removed. Still, his overall health seems good and he was extremely well behaved for the vet! He was nervous but tolerated everything very well, even multiple needle sticks. His bloodwork came back great and he is heartworm negative.

Where he is now there is another dog in the home, a small male min pin mix. He and Kimbo get along quite well and Kimbo really likes to play with him! Kimbo is a large dog, but extremely mellow, low energy, friendly and well-behaved. His rescuer reports that he seems to be housetrained as well.

IMG_7965Kimbo will get a full grooming and thorough bathing on Sunday, and then he needs a foster home to stay with while he heals up a little bit and gains some weight and strength. If there is anyone out there who could take him in for 3-4 weeks who is anywhere in the New York City metro area, please contact me ASAP, as his rescuer does not have a safe place for him to stay beyond the next few days. You could hang out with a really cool dog for a little while and help a guy who’s had a rough start in life get a new beginning – at no cost to you! All expenses, including food and medical, will be fully covered, and you’ll help save his life.

Can you help Kimbo?

UPDATE 8/11: Kimbo has a probable foster home!

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