Hidden Gems: Holly at Pets Alive Westchester

I meet some amazing dogs whom I’m really fortunate to get to know. One of them at Pets Alive Westchester is Holly.


Everyone loves Holly. Holly loves everyone. She is such a people dog – devoted, loyal, friendly, happy, goofy. And she’s been at Pets Alive Westchester for nearly ten years – an unbelievable amount of time for such a wonderful animal.

Holly was born around the year 2002 and entered the facility, then known as the Elmsford Animal Shelter, in 2003. She was brought by a woman in New York City who had found her on the street but could not keep her because she had too many pets. Holly quickly showed herself to be a total sweetheart. She never caused problems. She was well behaved. Her behavioral reports were and are stellar – an active, friendly, playful goofball who loves everyone she meets, including kids. She gets along with some dogs, mostly ones that like active play and roughhousing – she loves to play.


In 2008 Holly went home to the only home she has known in the past decade, but she stayed only 4 months. When the man who had adopted her brought her back he asked them to make a special note.


Holly was brought back because she had been diagnosed with a condition called megaesophagus, where the muscles of the esophagus lose their tone and are no longer able to propel food and drink into the stomach. I’m not sure how much her adopter explored her condition or tried to help her, unfortunately those details are not recorded.

What we do know is that her condition has been managed since 2008 – and it’s not very difficult. Holly eats sitting upright in a special chair called a Bailey chair, which she is quite used to. After she is fed she needs to sit upright for a few minutes, then be calm for a little while to give her food time to settle. That’s it. Helping Holly live normally takes nothing more than a few extra minutes a day. Her condition is not expected to shorten her life, she handles it with grace, and in no way does it make her anything other than a wonderful, incredible, loving dog – and one who deserves a great home as much as any dog I’ve ever met, one that she will be a wonderful presence in.


A decade is more than enough – Holly is too fantastic an animal to spend another night in a kennel! Come meet her. She’ll make you laugh. She’ll charm you. And she’ll love you forever.

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