The Media Fabricates a Dog Attack Out Of Thin Air

People who hate pit bulls – the Merritt Cliftons, the Colleen Lynns – love to treat media “pit bull attack” stories as the gospel truth, where every reporter is a canine behavior expert capable of ID’ing any given breed based on a vague description and supplying lurid details about each “attack”.

So when I saw the news yesterday about a Rhode Island woman who had ordered her “pit bulls” to attack a reporter at her home, I didn’t put much stock in it. Then, this morning, it became a national story – and this is how the media fabricates a “pit bull” attack out of nothing at all.

So this “pit bull attack” – featured nationally, on FOX News, is nothing more than two very playful dogs who would really like this reporter to throw the stick/microphone she’s carrying so that they can fetch it – and despite that she reacts in the dumbest way humanly possible (Pssst! Scared? Be a tree – just like kids do!), she gets away. Having been on the receiving end of actual dog attacks, let me tell you – they don’t look or sound anything like that.

“Pit bull attack?” Hardly. “Friendly dogs try to play with dumbass?” Yep.

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  • Dogkisser

    I have a google alert for pit bulls and I got about 10 different alerts for news stories about this story and how the dogs were “siced” on by the owner. I don’t know how we are ever going to make any movement forward withe current media in the US

  • That reporter is lucky the lady didn’t own some of those monkeys the Taliban trained to shoot guns.

  • jondunn

    “Cute puppies chase bimbo down street hoping she’ll throw ball”

    She had a tetanus shot? SO ridiculous.

  • lucyricardanon

    There’s a little more footage here.

    The reporter says the dog “bit” her arm, and you can see where the dog jumps and maybe nips a little bit, but I don’t see any blood. So pit bulls are vicious killers who will never let go once they start biting, but this woman was attacked by two of them and “bitten” by at least one and has what, a few scratches to show for it? I imagine if there were anything to that bite, we would’ve seen the evidence.