One of Those Dogs: Charlie Angel

Returns are a fact of life for rescues, as difficult as they can be. A responsible rescue commits to the animals they take in for life and acts as the backup for them should they ever be in need or in danger. This is as it should be; but there are those returns that break your heart. Meet Charlie.


Charlie was adopted as just a young pup back in 2011 and he’s now between two and three years old. His family obviously raised him right – he loves all people, he loves kids, he loves to play, he loves other dogs. He is obedient and knows commands. On his return questionnaire his family had absolutely nothing but praise for Charlie, not a bad thing to say about him. But they have another child on the way and they’re concerned that with multiple children in the house that they won’t have enough time for him – plus they’re nervous because there will now be multiple kids in the house, and Charlie is one of Those Dogs.

When Charlie was a very young pup it was probably difficult to tell what breed he was. Now that he’s mature he has the look of some sort of pit bull type mix. I couldn’t tell you if he was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix or an American Staffordshire Terrier mix or an American Pit Bull Terrier mix or multiple combinations thereof or none of them at all – no one can tell just by looking – and I don’t think it matters a whit. All dogs are individuals and deserve to be judged as such, and with Charlie we know what we’ve got: a wonderful, loving, friendly family dog.


One thing Charlie Angel does not like is kennels. He’s been around people and kids his entire life; he likes to play with dogs and people and be in the middle of everything. Being isolated in a concrete run and surrounded by strange and excited barking dogs in the kennel frightens him and he spends his days stressed out and running back and forth, looking for his people. At Pets Alive Westchester they recognized that living in a kennel would be bad for Charlie so he spends his days behind the front desk, playing with other dogs and meeting and greeting the staff, volunteers and visitors to the lobby.


After about a month back at PAW we thought Charlie was out: a woman met him and fell in love with him. It’s so easy to fall for that outgoing personality of his. On the day he was to be picked up she backed out of the adoption. Her family had announced that they would no longer come to see her if she harbored one of Those Dogs in her home.

I know there’s a home out there for Charlie. He’s young and healthy and friendly and perfect. I know there’s a family with kids that he will love and play with and snuggle and protect for his whole life. And I know that there is someone who will take every opportunity to teach the people around them how loyal and loving and perfect one of Those Dogs can be, even though that can sometimes be difficult, and some people don’t understand. Because Charlie is spectacular, and he deserves it.

Please come meet Charlie. There’s no earthly reason for this dog to wait another day to meet the people who will love him forever.

Update 6/8/13

This afternoon one of Those Dogs was adopted by some of Those People. Congratulations to you all, and thanks to everyone who shared his story! Have a great life, Charlie!


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  • Bennet Watson

    Gorgeous dog. Great post – says it all.

  • Lindsay Stordahl

    Charlie sounds like a wonderful dog. I think someone will adopt him soon. He or she will fall for that awesome personality of his. I have a soft spot for the black and white dogs, and I wish Charlie the best. Great pics, by the way.

  • Cindy Landis Bonham

    i would have taken Charlie and taken the so called family out of my will

  • Joyce Southard Finnegan

    Yes, i would have said bye bye to the family. How dare they prevent this person from having a loving companion!

  • Caren Whitney

    Thank God for one of “Those” kind of people! I rescued an Am. Staff., His name is Jake. I took alot of crap-now everyone that meets him, loves him. All animals deserve love, I’m tired of the abuse the Staffie’s & Pit’s get-they don’t deserve it! It takes a warped mind to ruin any animal. Abuse is taught-whether you’re an animal or a

  • geri kniskern

    I am so happy for Charlie he touched my heart… there are so many that are mistreated and misunderstood…. please to his new family …. be his forever family and love him and be loved….
    God bless..