A Huge Success From Maddie’s Fund and the Mayor’s Alliance

I posted something similar on my Facebook page but I wanted this to be here as well, public and searchable.

It’s not exactly a secret that I’ve had differences with Maddie’s Fund and the Mayor’s Alliance – but rarely, if ever, do I have issues with adoption drives! This past weekend Pets Alive and Pets Alive Westchester Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 4.48.45 PMparticipated in an adoption event sponsored by Maddie’s and administrated locally through the Mayor’s Alliance that resulted in approximately 214 animals going into homes just from those two organizations, many of whom had been pulled from shelter kill lists. In the New York City area more than 50 rescue groups participated and more than 1600 animals were adopted, meaning that Pets Alive was responsible for around 1/8th of their New York area total – an amazing accomplishment! Nationwide the promotion resulted in more than 6500 animals finding new homes. I am profoundly grateful to them for creating, financing, producing, and supporting this event and greatly look forward to participating in it next year. It was a truly wonderful and worthy event.

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