PETA, Adjust Your Cattitude

(Warning for people with sensitive stomachs: this blog contains an icky picture, and links may contain photos of PETA’s victims. It’s not gratuitous, I promise.)

Short one tonight, folks. I need some sleep. But this is pissing me off.

PETA is pretty well known for killing every dog and cat they can possibly get their hands on, even sending operatives out into the community around their HQ with a “death van” to find animals to eliminate. It’s important to remember that PETA is fundamentally against the domestication of animals by human beings, thus in their twisted worldview it is evidently OK to kill them at will. (But hey, leave the spiders alone!) Never forget: it is one of their goals to wipe dogs and cats from the face of the earth.

In a typical year they may kill more than 95% of the animals turned into their VA “shelter” which is a shelter in name only – it’s an office building with a giant walk-in freezer for the dead. They used to be slightly more up-front about the killing. As recently as 2012 they were still claiming it was out of necessity, though some simple math tells us otherwise. Math was never their strong point. Not enough naked women involved.

After being thoroughly spanked in that 2012 article in The Atlantic magazine they adopted a new tactic, now claiming that nearly every animal brought to them is horribly injured and on the brink of death and offering some pretty laughable pictures for “proof”. Gore may impress the naive, but I know better: even impressively large tumors can be benign, and treatable. Embedded collars should not be a death sentence. Even big gory wounds can heal with proper care. Aside from that their numbers are highly suspect: they kill roughly the same number of animals in their VA office building every year, claiming nearly all of them are by owner request, as the entire New York City shelter system does for owner requested euthanasias – and that’s three shelter locations in a city of about 9 million people. That is what one would call exceedingly statistically unlikely.

And here’s the thing: in a 2010 inspection of PETA’s facilities, inspectors didn’t find any veterinary facility. There’s no diagnostic capability, no staff veterinarians, no MRI machine, no x-rays, no lab, and nowhere to hold animals while waiting for test results. There’s no surgical suites, no recovery room. You can’t judge if an animal is too far gone to save by having a layman look at them. You need a skilled vet to evaluate them with the proper tools and the time to make a diagnosis, and they simply have no tools but the deadly needle.

Today’s release was simply embarrassing even by their incredibly low standards, another “shock and awe” gore picture of a cat they simply had to kill. When I look at that picture I see something different than they do. My heart goes out to that animal and I want to see if I can help them, not kill them – and the article makes it clear that that was a choice they never considered. They did not even look into the wound enough to determine what the cause was – a burn vs. a dragging wound will leave VERY different effects on flesh and a qualified vet would easily be able to tell one from the other. They didn’t even try.

I think about my past few days and the fundamental differences in the approach of the No Kill sanctuaries I volunteer for. The other day we were alerted to an animal at New York City’s Animal Care and Control, an injured cat named Mitsy.


That eye is bad – ruptured and infected. As soon as we found out about her I was asked to go get her and she was immediately transported to proper medical care. She’s getting antibiotics to knock out the infection and take down the swelling, and as soon as it’s possible that bad eye will be removed and Mitsy will go on with her life – because that’s what we do. We believe in life. We fight for life. We preserve life.

If PETA had Mitsy they’d be telling you a sad story that she just was too injured to live – just look at her head! They may have millions of dollars but no need to expend any of it on professional medical advice – they can tell just by lookin’.

I’m going to tell you a different story. Mitsy is an awesome cat and they’re going to fix her up and find her a great home, and you can follow her progress on the sanctuary’s Facebook page. If you’d like to make a donation – hey, I’m sure they wouldn’t turn that down either.

We are the No Kill nation. Join us. “Like” us. Fight for life.

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  • You are awesome! You hit it right on the head in this article- and god bless you for that! And Mitsy looks so beautiful- i hope she finds her forever home soon!

  • db

    I am so glad that you wrote this. For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone believes a word that peta utters – the proof is in the killing. Mitsy is a beautiful girl and will be a wonderful addition to a lucky family. Thank you for giving her that chance.

    To peta – you are someday going to have to answer for all of the killing you do. Shame on you!

  • dck133

    That black cat that PETA killed looked horrible. But if you look at the picture he is lying down and grooming himself. He looks pretty calm and relaxed – especially considering that he must be in pain. So I (100% layman – blood makes me quesy) think “he can be saved” when looking at that picture. I would be willing to take him to the vet and spend the money to fix him up (and willing to listen if the vet tells me that there are other things wrong and letting him go is the right thing). Why can’t a group that has millions do the same?

  • Even that black cat’s injury may have been treatable. And I’m not even sure that this photo hasn’t been “photoshopped.” With an injury that ugly, I can’t imagine the rest of that cat’s coat being so shiny and clean, and the cat is a beautifully healthy-looking weight. Sorry, but something doesn’t match up here. I also don’t know about anatomy, but that doesn’t exactly look like cat anatomy. Anyone else think this looks fishy?

  • one does not have to be a medical expert to see that it is an eye injury or condition that can be fixed and certainly is not a death sentence. shame on PETA for thinking of killing this lovely cat she deserves to live just like all animals.

  • PETA is a disgusting lying corrupt organization that will NEVER get a damn cent from me.

  • ” No one knew exactly how the feral cat had gotten so horrifically injured, but it was clear that the huge, severely infected wound—with dead and dying flesh—that covered most of his side would spell a slow, agonizing death.”

    PETA does love melodrama …. yes they are correct the wound would spell death if no attempt was made to treat it. It would appear they hadn’t any interst in doing that, just practically causing injury to themselves by their incredible eagerness to pat themselves on the back for euthanizing this cat.

    Donations? Get a job.