Good News for the Animals of New York City

NYS Assemblyman Micah Kellner

NYS Assemblyman Micah Kellner

It was very disappointing to me during the fight over Local Law 59 to see how few New York City Council members really had a firm understanding of animal issues here in NYC.

That’s one of the reasons that I was very excited to see Micah Kellner, NYS Assemblyman and champion of the Companion Animal Adoption and Rescue Act in New York State announce his candidacy for the New York City Council. Assemblyman Kellner knows the animal issues of New York City intimately and he has always been a champion for New York City’s animals. We will be lucky to have him on the council, and the state’s loss will be our city’s gain. As a council member Kellner would be a great ally for the animals of NYC.

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  • How exciting to have a candidate you can be enthusiastic about supporting on the local level.,

  • This is great news! Micah is a wonderful ally for animals in NYC and I’m thrilled that he has decided to run. I will be out there campaigning for him.