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If you call yourself a No Kill advocate and you decry the killing of animals by shelters without the vigorous pursuit of all available alternatives, but support the killing of animals in the face of other options when it is done by yourself, your friends, or groups you approve of, you are not in favor of No Kill. You have a God complex.

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  • db

    RIP Nikki – you deserved so much better than you got from the people who were supposed to rescue you. Your blood is on their hands – they killed you when they had other choices. I’m so very sorry, sweet girl.

  • Mike Elish

    Funny John how you decry any euth without every single alternative looked thoroughly into. So sanctimonious. Now, there wouldn’t happen to be any questionable medical euths during your brief time as staff/manager at Pets Alive? Every dog there gets exhaustive diagnostic and vet care before such a decision is made, and since you worked there, you would, in your own words shed transparency, facilitate debate on such a matter if any dog was killed before euthanizing?? Yes??

    Such a brief time as “manager” and of course you saw nothing questionable during your entire time there – tell me, why did you leave after such a short stint? Fasten your seatbelts indeed, the truth will come out soon enough 🙂

    • Hey, another pseudonym lobbing baseless accusations. Do any of you killing apologists have the stones to use your real names?

      My conscience is clear. Fire away.

      Now, every single animal at Pets Alive is available for adoption, so if a qualified adopter wished to step up and adopt any given animal, including those with extensive medical needs, including those who are dying, they could do so. I have done this for several Pets Alive dogs and many others have as well. I’ve done a hospice lecture there a few months ago to help support other people who want to take cases like that on and Pets Alive assists with their medical care. We hope to have another lecture in the next month or two. You should attend; you’ll learn how you can help even some of the most extreme medical cases.

      • Nope, they are all stalkers and cowards. That’s the pithy answer, John. And they all know me, Maria Venuto.

        • SherlockCantHunt

          Yep, we all know you Maria – your famous.
          Love Drats

      • I think its important to use questions like this to re-examine and re-evaluate whether or not we can ALL do better in this area and not only point fingers at other groups.

        I didn’t post this when it was in full alert because the vitriole was too prevalent and the tempers were too high for the real point to come across. But no, there are cases I have heard of even there that are not only questionable but downright upsetting.

        we can ALL do better in this area, John. All of us.

        • So let’s see… I have first-person evidence, directly from the rescuer saying that she is going to kill an animal no matter what and there ain’t nothin’ nobody can do about it, no help will be accepted, no other options considered. You have unsubstantiated, unsourced hearsay. Yeah, those are equivalent. I hear a lot of crap too, much of it untrue.

          If one is trying to do better, I suggest an excellent place to start is committing to do everything possible to not commit convenience killing of animals in a rescue’s care. That’s some pretty low-hanging fruit there, should be easy enough to commit to. We’ve got enough of that coming from shelters without rescues getting in on the act. There are already many rescues that don’t, and to answer your implication: yes, I think they are better, morally superior (although still, as all people and organizations are, imperfect and subject to improvement), to those that do.

    • sisyphusclimbing

      Mike, Nikki’s killing was not “euthanasia”. Nikki was not sick or injured. Fear aggression is not a disease. It is not a mental illness. It is on a spectrum of behavior for animals. Even if what you claim is true about Pets Alive, how does that justify the killing of Nikki? Didn’t your mother ever teach you as a young lad that two wrongs do not make a right? Waggin Train was asked for *one more* week to work out training and placement options. A week, when we are speaking of some other being’s entire world, is hardly unreasonable. Waggin Train should have relished even the *possibility* that an alternative could be presented that would take Nikki’s welfare into account while allowing the preservation of her life. Instead J.S. is the bad guy and people like you backlash against him instead of this very bad decision. To fixate on how much good Waggin Train has done (is *anyone* arguing otherwise?) as justification for killing Nikki is offensive and illogical. We aren’t all doing good deeds, collecting them up. counting them… so one day later we can cash them in and do something ugly and unethical like killing a being who desired to live and was entitled to every chance at the preservation of her life and the consideration of her welfare

      JS has not argued that Waggin Train is all bad. However, at the end of the day very few institutions or individuals are “all bad” or “all good”. For the sake of animals like Nikki, like Shannon, like Oreo… we should be able to reject killing and fight for the lives of animals while recognizing the good these organizations do. Unlike you, I do not believe it is inconsistent to go after an organization for killing beings, even when they’ve helped so many others.

  • shut the fucking place down, waggin train, i will post waggin train every chance i get to be shut down, where is it,