NYCACC: The Witch is Dead, But the Warlock Remains in His Castle

Multiple reports this morning that New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC) Executive Director Julie Bank has resigned her position, citing unspecified family reasons. I’m all for her spending more time with her family if it keeps her the hell away from running animal shelters. I do hope she does not accidentally euthanize any of them.

Risa Weinstock will be taking over as Interim Director, a position she has filled before during searches for a new ED.

While it is tempting to celebrate the departure of Ms. Bank, remember that she is not the real power at NYCACC. The Mayor of New York City holds all the cards here, and the system will be run as he sees fit. So while it is tempting to celebrate, be aware that this does not amount to a substantive change in NYCACC operations.

Okay, maybe you can celebrate a little. 🙂

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  • ding dong the witch is dead, witch old witch, the wicked witch, ding dong, the wicked witch is dead,now we have to work on getty rid of the boggy man

  • db

    Can’t say that I’m unhappy about this . . . but wish she’d take mr mayor with her.

    • Alvin

      How many more terms can he serve? If he tries for a fourth, I’ll knock on every door in the city. That goes for his little dog Christine Quinn, too!

  • You folks are going a fine job and I just want to say “way yo go NYC”. We also have butcher running the animal shelter in Stockton and are trying to get her thrown out as well. Wish uis luck!!

    • I’m sorry to hear that Dennis. Very sorry. I hope that will change ASAP.

      I paint the endangered species and am also mainly a dog lover.

      Carol Lozito,
      “The Painter FOR the Endangered Species” TM
      & Native New Yorker*


      Yes, New York, N.Y. The city SO nice it had to be saved twice!!!!!!!!

  • cynthia

    I worked there for a time and Julie wasn’t the only issue. The whole
    company needs a re-vamp especially at the Manhattan shelter and their
    medical department. Many people who are given a high and mighty name tag
    shouldnt be there in the first place and instead of shining light on
    those who really give a damn about their job and especially the animals
    are ridiculed and treated like crap. They need to clean house and figure
    out what the main objective and goal is, to stop euthanizing healthy
    animals, animals who havent been given a chance to get treated or
    started the day before, to get correct and accurate behavior
    evaluations, to hiring people who actually are there for the animals and
    not for the pay check or to stay out of jail/etc., properly evaluating
    peoples ethics and work potential, hiring people with real expereince
    working with animals and more importantly stop all the childish banter
    and favoritism to those who are friends in higher positions.

    • I’m actually thinking about doing a piece on Leticia specifically.

  • Cynthia, please call me at 917 754-3537. Laurie Bleier

  • Can’t hurt to have her gone – I still wonder how she sleeps at night. Hope New York will step and seize the moment. Take it to the mayor, don’t let him off the hook, You’ve got them on the run.

  • Animaluver

    The bitch bites the dust….too bad it took so long! So many animals have suffered and died because of her crimes of comission and omission!

  • The NY people should really bring in EXPERTS in no kill, to do a critical, honest analysis. Bottom line is if they do, they will save both the lives of animals , and taxpayer dollars. Now who the frick can argue against THAT!