Blanca, the Dog Starved in NYC, Finds Her Forever Home

I told Blanca’s story and brought her to my home in an effort to bypass the horrors of New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC) for a dog who had suffered so terribly and asked for the help of the Internet.

Boy, did you all respond! People took up the call and spread the word about Blanca EVERYWHERE and I got many leads from people interested in her story.

Blanca was with me for only 48 hours but oh, what a dog. Nervous at first, she softened quickly and became affectionate and playful. She met lots of dogs and lots of people and I was so impressed with how sweet she was after having suffered so horribly. Sensitive and shy, I don’t believe she would have done very well on her behavioral testing in a noisy, scary shelter.

And then, last night, Blanca met her adopters, and went home to her forever family, where she will be living with another dog and a cat. She was very happy to see them and very comfortable with them in a short period of time (The treats didn’t hurt!). I have no doubt Blanca will have a wonderful life with them – they are wonderful people and they have an excellent understanding of what Blanca needs to heal and thrive!

Good luck, honey.

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  • Cinthia

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, John you are an angel!! And to the people who gave Blanca a forever home THANKS A MILLION! I can see that she is already feeling at home. Have a happy life Blanca! I will always remember your beautiful face

  • db

    It is so good to hear such happy news. She looks very comfortable already – as does the kitty. YOU DONE GOOD!!!

  • Wonderful news John. Thanks for the update and giving her a new life!

  • janet


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