NYC’s Department of Health Continues Reign of Ineffectiveness

In October of 2011, the New York City Department of Health announced an advertising blitz to encourage NYC dog owners to license their dogs.

In their press release at the time they announced the new “eLocator” system.

The Health Department’s new NYC Dog eLocator System is an on-line service available to anyone who finds a lost dog that is wearing a New York City dog license. By entering either a telephone number or an email address into the Dog eLocator System on the Health Department’s website, a person who finds a lost dog can send his or her contact information directly to the dog’s owner.

Or instead of putting a license on your dog that has a number on it that a person finding the dog would have to take somewhere to get the “eLocator” data, you could simply put a tag on the dog with your phone number.

How much is this farce costing? The campaign has been so ineffective that licensing dropped 5%.

Can we focus on things that actually do something? How about using licensing funds directly and transparently to fund animal control operations and publicly accessible low-cost/free spay neuter?

I’d support that. I might even license my dogs.

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