NYCACC: It Gets Worse

The number of computer “glitches” is accelerating, animals are being killed before anyone checks to see if a group has stepped up to save them. New Hope is in disarray, the new computer system a failure – it has actually INCREASED workload, since it is so unreliable that any pull has to be verified with an email or a phone call or multiples thereof – and the animal may be killed anyway.

In addition to contacting the folks suggested in the link above, I would remind you that the New Hope program is paid for by the Mayor’s Alliance with a grant from Maddie’s Fund. One would hope that they would have input into fixing this obviously broken system.

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  • db

    RIP Captain
    I have written Maddie’s Fund and their reply (when they do) basically says they stay out of the way the facilities are run. They just provide money. I’m sure the founders are rolling in their graves at the way the money is being spent now . . .

    • Alvin

      I knew I wasn’t the first who’s mind was crossed. You know, it’s a “goal.” The trustees just make sure they’re “trying.”

    • I wish people would quit donating to groups like Maddie’s Fund.

      • Maddie’s is a private foundation. They do not solicit or accept donations.

  • Fuck it never changes damn, another dog who could have lived???