NYCACC: When is a “Saved” Dog Not Saved?

Answer: they’re not saved when the shelter has given them kennel cough, then allowed the kennel cough to turn into untreated pneumonia, then allowed the pneumonia to progress to the point where they are on the brink of death when they leave the shelter.

This graphic is rather hard to read, I apologize. I have contacted the woman who has adopted this dog and created this graphic and asked her to write up her story, which I hope to publish soon. In the meantime, click to enlarge.

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  • db

    Sorry I couldn’t enlarge it enough to read it, but I hope that this pup is safe with a family who will take care of him/her. What a beautiful dog, too bad that the “shelter” turned out to not be. I am so tired of reading about all these awful things that are happening to animals all over, the millions collected on their stories and then never used to help them. It’s just so frustrating and sad to me. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – STOP THE KILLING!!!

  • Janet

    Thank you for helping to raise awareness yet again.

  • I wish I could read this. Please keep us posted on Lucky and how he’s doing. I’m praying for him.