NYCACC: Not Even Paying Attention

I mean, I know every breed a shelter isn’t familiar with gets labeled a “pit bull”, but this is ridiculous.

Think she’d chew my shoes?

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  • Nelson’s Mama

    Do they require a fence check for that thing?

  • mikken

    Probably best as an only pet, I would think. May not be cat and small animal friendly.

  • Daniela

    I wonder why they have an adoption type pic of it. Shouldn’t it be taken to the local Dangerous Reptile Sanctuary For Animals No Sane Person Would Even Consider Having As A Pet?

  • db

    Thanks for the chuckle . . . unbelievable! Do they not see what they are doing? Is everyone there brain dead? I’ve seen some very strange looking “pit bulls” but this one is, by far, the strangest.

  • Bet “Lucy” won’t do well with small children……

  • Barbara922

    Wtf this is yesterday story and they
    still haven’t done anything

  • So much Facepalm, so little time.

  • DNA testing would show shelter staff this is really a cat!

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