On the Use of Graphic Images in Animal Advocacy

This is a special post, a targeted post, one just for you folks who think that the use of graphic images of animal death and torture in the service of “raising awareness” for animal advocacy is a good idea and a noble effort, ignoring that most people turn away from graphic images. This post is specifically for you and for no one else – so if you’re in agreement that blasting out graphic photos is counterproductive, please close this window now, because this is only going to upset you. Here’s a sunflower for you.

OK, graphic image fans, you still with me? Great, let’s get started.

I care about animals, and I have a special place in my heart for dogs. I have 4-6 dogs at any given time in my Bronx studio apartment. I take in dogs with special behavioral and physical issues. And I find graphic death images of dogs very upsetting, so upsetting that I want to turn away.

I also care about drunk driving. I’m against it. I think too many people do it. And it must be due to a lack of awareness that they do it, right? I’m sure you’re against drunk driving too, so I expect you to grab this image and share it with your friends. Post it on Facebook and Twitter. Email it out. Because after all, raising awareness is very important.

How did you react? Disgust? Horror? Revulsion? Did it make you want to turn away?

Great. That’s how I feel. Now, I could go on – I could do some more searches and “raise awareness” for child abuse, let’s say. Or rape. All things that still happen – because there’s just not enough AWARENESS, right? And people need to SEE THE TRUTH and WHAT REALLY HAPPENS.

Or do they?

Did it make you want to turn away?

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