NYCACC: The Death of Cham

The slaughter related to failures of the new computer system continues.

Cham had the misfortune of landing on the kill list on the evening of July 14th – fortunately, he was claimed by a New Hope partner through the on-line reservation system.

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Unfortunately, they killed him anyway on July 15 despite having a rescue that stepped forward for him.

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Might as well come clean – and fix it. The secret’s out. If you watch the public kill lists updated nightly after about 5:30 on the NYCACC website you may see plain and public evidence of computer glitches – on 7/23 a dog named Sally was listed twice, and on the 22nd it was a dog named Sade. Sometimes this allows two different people or rescue groups to place holds on the same animal, causing further confusion.

Look, we know there’s a problem here. That’s pretty plain. I invite reps of NYCACC to comment: how (and when) will this be fixed?

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  • John, it would be more helpful if you showed the evidence of these 2 incidences, which you have.

  • Donna Powell

    This stinks. A LIFE TAKEN FOR NO REASON.

  • John, Cham was kill listed 4 times & from the very first time he showed as RESERVED by NH Partner this is just one of the glitches to their new system the other is that even though an animal says they are RESERVED you can still click on their photo & RESERVE them as well which defeats the purpose of why this system was set up to begin with.

  • db

    They can keep doing this because they really do not care about the animals. And there are always more . . . if they cared, this would not be happening over and over. It’s beyond frustrating to me to read about these precious lives being snuffed out for no good reason, other than human apathy and lack of compassion.
    RIP Cham, you had people who wanted and loved you. I’m sorry that those who could have saved you did not do that.