NYCACC: Will Dayle and Carson Be Dead By Morning?

Remember, healthy kittens being killed at NYCACC aren’t the exception… they’re the rule.

Brothers Dayle and Carson are just 9 weeks old, reportedly both over two pounds, and entirely healthy. Although they would quickly be snatched up if offered for adoption to the general public, they’re not being offered. They are restricted to rescue only. If no rescue steps up for them, they will be killed without ever being offered to a public not only ready and willing to adopt them but willing to pay top dollar to do it.

You can help Dayle and Carson by offering to foster them for a New Hope rescue here in New York. See their Facebook threads for more details. Move quickly.

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  • Mary Ann

    Why are they restricted to rescue only?

    • Because saving lives takes effort.

      • Steve

        Why is the injustice and murder that is taking place within the government fundeded NYC ACC not more public? Being that this is funded by the city (rather than privately owned/operated), it should be relatively easy to get Julie Banks and the board to be replaced.
        This is a very poor reflection of Mayor Bloomberg and you would think he would have a new administration in place in order to clean up this poor image.

        • It’s actually a public/private system created by and controlled by the NYC Mayor. His aim is to spend as little money on it as possible. Now that he’s a lame duck he has the luxury of not having to care about it at all, not that he ever did.

          For details on the structure, see:

  • I don’t understand why the people of NY are not enraged and doing something to Change this policy. why do thye let this happen?

  • I think it would be hard for Bloomberg to care LESS about the NYC ACC.

  • Becky Prestwood Carter

    I think the people of NYC need to step up and do something about this…Why don’t they have compassion?

    • I think that the problem is largely unknown – I can’t fathom any other reason… The ACC is New York City’s dirty little secret, and they do everything they can to keep it buried deep in the closet… are you surprised that Bloomberg, who owns (literally) the media has trouble burying it deep???

  • db

    Does anyone know if these precious kittens have been rescued?