Pets Alive: Doing It Right

I don’t know how they discovered this, but it’s awesome.

While NYCACC executes kittens instead of adopting them out, Pets Alive recently installed a KittenCam in their kitten room to showcase their kittens to the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can tune in and visit the kittens. See them up and romping way past their bedtime (the camera has night vision!), snoozing in a sunbeam in the daytime, or visiting with volunteers and adopters who come in to play with them.

The KittenCam comes courtesy of a company called Dropcam, which makes this little $150 wonder. While streaming video to the internet is nothing new; streaming video to lots and lots of people has always been difficult – you need quite a bit of bandwidth for that. Dropcam solves this problem handily; your video streams to their servers and then they take care of all the distribution for you to as many people who want to watch. Plus, the cameras are dead simple to install and only need power wiring – they connect wirelessly to your WiFi network!

Supposedly Pets Alive has a few more donated cameras on the way and I can’t wait to see them too – maybe a PigCam or some PupCams. What a great idea for any shelter!

Even better, I got a sneak look at the iPhone app for administrators – administrators get to TALK BACK to the kittens through their phone! So much fun.

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  • PWeese

    Doing it right, YEA Pets Alive! I have been watching the kittens and my day becomes a little brighter with every pounce!

  • mikken

    I love watching them zip around at night – they never seem to sleep!

  • 8:11 AM and they are all swarming the door…I’m guessing feeding time is soon!

  • yup fed at 8:18 by someone wonderful!

  • Hunh. I would offer to donate one to NYC ACC (and I know people who would offer to donate others, I’m sure)….

    ….but somehow I don’t think NYC ACC WANTS people to be able to see what goes on there 24/7. Funny.