Brooke, Continued

I need a palate cleanser; how about some good news?

6 weeks ago I found a dog on the streets of the South Bronx whom I named Brooke, a fantastic and friendly dog who needed to heal and decompress – and thanks to Pets Alive, that’s what she got. I went up to see her a little over a week ago and she was wonderful – affectionate and active and now, completely healthy, with her injuries healed and the lump on her head gone.

Later that day, Brooke had a very special appointment with a couple who decided to adopt her, and this formerly battered pit bull from the South Bronx now has a family of her very own.

She has reportedly settled into her new home very well, is perfectly behaved, and likes to snuggle on the couch.

Congratulations, Brooke!

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  • Love it!!!! Great news for everybody. And I love it when they take up the couch and the humans have to pull up chairs!!!

  • Such a great story and happy ending

  • db

    What an amazing dog – she is so beautiful and now will have the home and love she has deserved all along. Thanks for doing the right thing for her.