Treasure is SAFE!

NYCACC caved in to public pressure thanks to YOU and released Treasure to rescue – and thanks to Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, she is safe and will have her puppies. Here she is in the car leaving the shelter.

While we must fight New York City Animal Care and Control to get every possible animal to safety, it is also so very important that we support rescues that commit to do the right thing: Pibbles & More was the first group to step up to save Treasure and they followed through on their commitment and did not give up on her. Support them. Support them with your voice, follow their activities and please drop by their website and consider making a donation to them to continue their lifesaving work and continue to pull animals that New York City Animal Care and Control is fighting to be able to kill.

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  • Andrea

    Thank you for saving Treasure and her puppies lives!!!

  • Elizabeth C.

    Yay Treasure! Please do donate To PMAR if you can…they have saved quite a few litters and abandoned mommas from the ACC. They take SO MANY pit bulls every month.

  • TY for the good news. I want to rip that ID collar off her so there is no trace of her would-be killers left.

  • Trudy B.

    Thank you for saving her & the babies. I signed the petition for her!