NYCACC: Can’t do it? Lie about it!

In an interview recently New York City Animal Care and Control director Julie Bank pulled out this whopper:

“We are the triage center. We find appropriate homes for every animal—whether that is through an adopter or a temporary shelter or rescue.”

She followed that knee slapper up with…

“Every animal that comes in our doors receives medical attention.”

Except, I guess, Robert and Gloria (to name just two of the recent ones I know well), both of whom nearly died from lack of treatment. They’re not by any means alone. Animals die from lack of treatment on a shockingly regular basis.

So not only do we have a shelter whose routine treatment of animals is very problematic, who torture animals to death, who get them sick, who leave medical conditions untreated, and who waste money by the bucketful – we’re now watching the Executive Director lie about exactly what it is NYCACC does?

Those quotes appeared here. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m glad Hill’s is donating food to NYCACC. Sure, I’d prefer them to give it to someone less likely to waste so much of it and lose it to employee theft, but donations to feed animals are always good. This is about the ACC response, of elevating their usual tactic of publicly claiming “everything’s fine” to “everything’s perfect” – when the rescuers of NYC continue to battle on a daily basis to save the animals they want to kill.

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  • Daniela

    I didn’t realize that a dumpster was an appropriate home.

  • Renee Collette

    JACK FROST (a small JRT) who was hit by a car and in December is another one of their fatalities. Instead of receiving immediate care, he perished from injuries of being hit by a car. RIP Jack frost. Gone but NEVER forgotten.

  • So weird…I am literally writing a blog about this right now –

    Should I bother?

    • I found this due to researching MY blog on the interview…

    • ZaCloud

      I’d say go ahead and bother; the more this word gets out, the better, and you can use your own personal touch. Otherwise, you can link to this one. But if you can say it in your own words, then do so. 🙂

      • Emm

        Good point. I say, the more people that point out what is wring with the NY ACC’s the better. There might get to be so many of us that something actually changes!

        • Emm

          Typo, I meant, ‘wrong’ not ‘wring’.