Please Help Us Save Treasure and Her Puppies

UPDATE 4/17 12:20 EST: Treasure and her puppies are safe in the arms of a rescue that committed to care for her and for her puppies. Thank you all for caring,  for sharing, and for contacting NYCACC and asking them to do the right thing! The petition has been closed.

This is Treasure.

Although you can’t see it very well in this photo, Treasure is pregnant – very pregnant, with at least 9 puppies. Treasure is so swollen she’s in discomfort and she’s about to give birth at any moment.

Unfortunately, Treasure finds herself at New York City Animal Care and Control.

Yesterday, the rescue coordinators at NYCACC sent out a plea for Treasure hoping that a rescue would step up and save her and her puppies – and the rescue community responded, with several organizations stepping up to take her in. Today NYCACC announced a change – they would still release Treasure to rescue, but only after what is sometimes euphemistically called a “late spay” – a spay and an abortion, an abortion of puppies that would be viable if they were born right now, today. A spay this late in pregnancy is a risky operation – the pups will definitely die, but there is also significant risk to the life of the mother. NYCACC doesn’t have the best track record of surgery at any rate; botched spays and neuters are relatively commonplace.

More than that, these puppies have a place to go. Puppies are in high demand; a rescue willing to care for them until they are old enough for adoption should have no problem at all adopting them. There is no question in my mind that an abortion at this point in Treasure’s pregnancy is wrong; killing puppies that are quite literally about to be born is indefensible.

We need you. We need your help. We need to let NYCACC know that the world is watching them and there will be consequences if they kill animals who have rescues committed to their care.

Please sign this petition – with every signature an email is sent to NYCACC management. There are, unfortunately, no phones to call, and they do not answer them anyway. This is our only hope.

It is Monday, April 16. Treasure’s spay/abort is scheduled for Tuesday, April 17. Please help her and her innocent puppies live.

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  • Michel Dees

    I am just sick after reading this. I don’t live in NY, but if I did I would be there to do whatever I could. I’d foster her and the pups. These people are disgusting and do not deserve to be called humans. Shared on FB. Hope Karma comes back on them 20 fold if they do this.

  • Linda Demiri


    • jbsibley

      There is no waiver fee.

  • nicole

    Please release mommy and babies to pets alive!!!!

  • Patti Meyers

    Please release Treasure and her pups to Pets Alive as they have requested. Give this poor dog and her pups a fighting chance at a happy life.

  • Llisa

    I don’t understand why this is even an issue….if there is a willing shelter available for all 10 of them, why would the CACC spend the time/effort/money to perform this surgery? Release Treasure and her puppies to Pets Alive. Its the only option that makes sense. Plus, ethically this one is a no-brainer.

  • Marilyn

    I went to a “rescue partners” meeting with our local AC and one of the agenda items was that they would terminate any rescue that pulled a pregnant dog and didn’t spay her and abort the puppies. I was happy to see that every single dog rescuer there was against the policy of killing puppies.

  • kate huczko

    Please save the puppies and their mother!

  • Mary Lou Deitrich

    Why would you NOT release Treasure and her puppies to Pets Alive where they will be treated with love and kindness and find forever homes? What possible reason could you have to NOT do the right thing? I hope you will reconsider and do what is right. To NOT release Treasure and her puppies is just plain WRONG, mean, unethical, disgusting, and the list goes one. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING!!!



  • Gretchen

    Please let Treasure & puppies go to Pets Alive! They will be well taken care of there…

  • jbsibley

    Leaving a comment here won’t do very much, if anything – click the link and sign the petition!

  • Marilyn

    I signed, and sent emails. I hope that they’ll notice the international attention this is getting, I saw a signature from Australia.

  • Renae Metz

    Please let Treasure and her babies live, this is so cruel and this dog does not deserve what you are considering doing to her.

  • Sondy

    I think that the dog and her pups should be allowed to live , it is so sinceless to me why these animal Shelters are always wanting to kill these poor babies , They can always seem to find some reason or another to do this . These poor babies want to live and be loved just as well as anything else . GIVE them a CHANCE they have feelings too and it’s so sad to see their poor scared faces , It’s just so sinceless to kill these dogs pups and any other animal for that matter !! There not for the animal they just want to destroy the ones they take in !

    • Ashley Snell

      I hope these people that work at the shelter do not go to church because to me they are hypacrits!!! GOD does not condone this. He put us here to care for the creatures he blessed us with. Instead we are the devil there trying to make GOD cry and angry.

  • Brooke

    My fiance’ and I very badly want to sign this petition. Them wanting to do this is wrong on so many levels. I’ve signed petitions before on and there’s always been a red button to the left that said “sign”, but for this one I don’t see the button that says sign or anything of the sort. If someone could please comment back to help me find out what is wrong or another way we can sign it, please do so ASAP. Thank you, so much, in advance. Praying for this beautiful mother dog and her puppies.

  • Martha Gillespie

    Pleasr let Pets Alive have this baby and her puppies. They will find great homes for all of them. Thank you, Martha

  • Tracy

    This is any mothers nightmare! Don’t kill her babies just for the sake of killing them! They have a foster let them alone! They are innocent and helpless! It’s crazy and pointless to take her babies from her hasn’t she been through enough!? Please don’t do this!

  • Elizabeth C.

    Thanks for taking the time to set this up. You’d think ACC would learn from their other “late spay” disasters, but no.

  • Thank you for spreading the word and advocating for Treasure and her pups. One thing I wanted to mention – in your post, you say “the pups will definitely die”. The harsh reality is that the puppies will be alive when the uterus is removed from Treasure. They will each have to be individually killed by injection unless the pound throws the entire uterus full of live puppies into a trash bag and allows them to suffocate. I hate to be so graphic but this is what will happen if they go through with this spay.

    • Ashley Snell

      Why would someone that is all for the care and quote treatment of animals sadistically kill the babies. Like a sick fetish let her have them do they even try to look for rescuers that will take her or all they think about is the space?

  • T

    I am all for animal rights (I own four dogs) but am a bit confused as to why there is more support and petitions for unborn pups than there is for unborn children? There are plenty of people who cannot have children who would love to have someone’s unwanted child.

    • jbsibley

      Against my better judgement… I’ll bite.

      Can you tell us about a case in the US where a person who was not capable of consenting to a medical procedure was forced to have an abortion while there was a confirmed, approved person waiting to adopt her confirmed healthy child? A pointer to a news story will do.

      This isn’t the same thing.

      • jbsibley

        Oh, wait, I nearly forgot: a person not capable of giving consent who was forced to have an abortion mere days from her delivery date while there was an approved adopter ready and waiting for her confirmed healthy child. That’s better.

    • Ashley Snell

      Because a dog has no voice!! A person has a choice!! I do not condone abortion but people choose to do it!!! We cannot stop someone who has the right to choose!! That is the law!!!

  • Lori Aumack

    How in the world is it even legal to put to death a dog that is pregnent ??? I understand that a dog is not human, but is still life!!!!! This is so much worse then an abortion!!! SAVE NOT JUST THIS DOG BUT HER UNBORN PUPPYS TOO!!! If I could I would take her in !!!

  • idamarie hufcut

    Save her pups.

  • Leona Van

    Please release Mommy so she can keep her babies alive <3

  • Elizabeth C.

    I also contacted the office of Yvette Clarke, the Congresswoman who represents the area that the Brooklyn AC&C resides in.

  • Ashley Snell

    That is unbearable to think people have no remorse. Hey stand up for something in your lives for ones!!! You know what is right and what is wrong. I mean why work for the shelter if you have no love? Please release her and let her puppies have a chance. Don’t be a mass murderer!!

  • db

    I’m glad that Treasure and her puppies are safe now.
    But I challenge each and every one of you who said you would take her if you lived closer, you do live close enough to help another pregnant/non-pregnant dog or cat. Just look around you. Do something for your local animals – don’t just write on these blogs!

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  • Jeanne ODell

    I just thought you would be interested in reading this.
    By Urgent part 2 and Treasures Puppies. There are also pics of the puppies!