Amy Paulin: Adding Sponsors to a Bill That’s “On Hold”

Amy Paulin recently claimed that her legislation was on hold while she considered ways to improve it.

Does it surprise anyone that she lied?

Today Amy Paulin added a NEW sponsor to the Quiet Kill Bill. Pretty odd thing to do to a bill that’s on hold and all.

The new sponsor is Dan Losquadro, who represents parts of Suffolk County, Long Island. It is imperative that New Yorkers contact Assemblyman Losquandro and explain to him why this bill does not protect the animals of New York State – please see the summaries of the newly amended Quiet Kill Bill here and here. Then I encourage all New Yorkers to contact Assemblyman Losquandro and let him know your thoughts. You can reach his district office at 631-727-0204 or email him at – or better yet, both. Be polite! Assemblyman Losquadro is not the enemy, he just needs to know what this bill actually does.

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  • jacquie

    I’m very surprised, he’s always been one of the good guys. I’m on it.

  • Carol Hroch

    This bill is extremely unethical. I dont understand how anyone would sponsor such a bill. These dogs and cats need to be given a chance just like the real animals that are given a chance in our prison system.

  • Update

    Thanks, John. Just sent a note to Rep. Losquadro. I had a bad feeling during this “lull” that she was up to no good! Isn’t funny, during this whole legislative mess, that we have the incredibly uplifting story of Robert? It’s almost like he’s our mascot of CAARA hope. He’s the reason we want to reform shelters in New York–to let “throw-away” dogs like Robert have a second chance and find their natural canine place in the world.

  • A Concerned New Yorker

    I sent an email to Rep. Losquadro and also called his office. They were not aware of the backstory or of Micah Kellner’s bill. Hopefully he’ll take a closer look at the two bills and do the right thing.

  • V Kaye

    Why do they keep refusing to accept the fact that the CAARA bill is the more ethical and logical bill to support? The only explanation is that there’s something underhanded going on behind the scenes. How could Paulin and her other “supporters” believe we wouldn’t be able to figure that one out on our own?
    Let’s keep being aggressive and making our voices heard. Please don’t give up on Micah Kellner’s bill! I’m not!!! Thanks to everyone for their continued efforts. 🙂

  • Assembly finishes Budget on April 1 st .
    Then , I think that they don’t have to make a QUICK CALL on QUICK KILL & can review CAARA !

  • Angela Recker

    I just called both offices & left a request to speak to him. In addition, I explained Paulin is desperate & willl drag ANY assembly person in to support her death bill. I also advised that anyone supporting her will lose in Novenmber & I have a TON of relatives all over NY & Long Island. I have no problem explaining to them who they need to vote out & why. In the interest of his career as well as these animals he needs to dump her NOW! I am also calling my assemblyman, who dumped her & will support Kellner’s bill to advise his colleagues to watch out for her lies.
    Paulin is showing how desperate she is! That’s GOOD news for the animals & us!

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