NY Animal Shelter Legislation: What’s Next?

Although Assemblywoman Amy Paulin is still giving interviews to promote her Quiet Kill Bill, she now claims that plans for the bill are “on hold” – and I assure you, we will be watching it carefully for any signs of life. Any revival of that legislation will see quick, strong action and we should all continue to spread the word about Ms. Paulin and her plans.

In a way, Amy Paulin is to be credited for introducing so many people – not just the public, but legislators as well – to the superior bill, Assemblyman Micah Kellner’s Companion Animal Access and Rescue Act (CAARA). Thanks to her, many more people are now aware of this groundbreaking legislation which is well and broadly supported in the NYS Assembly.

CAARA is REAL shelter reform legislation, the kind with thorough descriptions and meaningful stipulations. CAARA requires shelters to work with qualified rescue groups and pursue every option for animals prior to euthanasia and grants those rescue groups the right to access those animals – and requires that a shelter may not euthanize while there is an empty cage, a sharable cage, or an available foster home. CAARA also provides whistleblower protection for rescues and insures that shelters cannot use the threat of revoking a rescue’s access to keep them quiet about shelter conditions and operations. CAARA sets strong, thorough standards for the care and treatment of animals in shelters – not just strays and not just dogs, but all animals. CAARA requires shelters to make every attempt to locate a stray animals owners including microchip scanning and tags without loopholes or exceptions. CAARA requires shelters to make their stats publicly available.

I encourage everyone to read CAARA and learn about it. It has been sitting in the Assembly Agricultural Committee since this January without being acted on. I believe the time is right to ask the Agricultural Committee to bring this act to a vote and to vote yes on this bill. It’s time to require shelters to do everything in their power before they reach for a needle. It’s time to stop the killing in New York.

New Yorkers, please use each of these three links – you must complete all three – to contact the members of the Agricultural Committee and encourage them to vote on CAARA, and to vote yes. Text has been provided but as always adding your own heartfelt message is always best.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

For extra impact, you may also wish to contact members of the committee directly. This can be especially effective if you live in their districts. They are:
William Magee (Madison, Otsego Counties) 315-361-4125 Committee Chair
Clifford Crouch (Binghamton Area) 607-648-6080
Marc Butler (Herkimer, Fulton, Otsego Counties) 518-762-6486
Ken Blankenbush (Lewis, Oswego, Saint Lawrence and Jefferson Counties) 315-493-3909
Harry Bronson (Rochester Area) 585-244-5255
Michael Benedetto (Bronx) 718-320-2220
George Amedore (Montgomery, Schenectatdy Counties) 518-843-0227
Alan Maisel (Brooklyn) 718-968-2770
Peter Lopez (Greene, Columbia, Schoharie, Otsego, Delaware Counties) 518-943-1371
Aileen Gunther (Sullivan, Orange Counties) 845-794-5807
Margaret Markey (Queens) 718-651-3185
Stephen Hawley (Orleans, Niagra, Genesee, Monroe Counties) 585-589-5780
Gary Finch (Tioga, Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Cayuga Counties) 315-255-3045
Barbara Lifton (Ithaca area) 607-277-8030
Michael Simanowitz (Queens) 718-969-1508
John McEneny (Albany Area) 518-455-4178
Bob Reilly (Saratoga, Albany Counties) 518-371-0568
Francisco Moya (Queens) 718-458-5367
Jose Rivera (Bronx) 718-933-2204
Addie Russell (St. Lawrence, Jefferson Counties) 315-786-0284
Linda Rosenthal (Manhattan) 212-873-6368
Peter Rivera (Bronx) 718-931-2620

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  • Linda Colombo

    please stop killing the innocent ones ,,and do something useful like getting rid of the trash on death row in human prisons !!!!!

  • Carol Fuller

    Allowing time to go by with this bill only enables us, the general public, to make others aware of the issues at hand. The more time the Agricultural Comm. sits on this bill without a vote, the more time we all have to notify everyone possible about the importance of this bill and the need for animal shelter reform. I’m urging you all who have taken the time to read this article to share this with your friends, your co-workers, your family, your neighbors and your enemies. It’s time to join together and become the majority that represents the truths, the facts and to request justice. Every animal has the right to live in peace and harmony among us all.

  • Daniela

    Way back when the effort to get this bill stopped happened I emailed/called everyone on the lists. Now – about a month later – I am starting to get emails and letters back from them. When i didn’t hear within a week I figured I wasn’t going to hear anything – are they always this slow with responding? I didn’t get anything personalized – it sounded like a form letter.

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