NYCACC: Would You Donate?

In 2003, the Director of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Enforcement division was arrested on felony charges related to rigging an exam for his fiance, whom he also supervised.

After this charge came to light, Richard Gentles left the Parks Department and was hired by New York City Animal Care and Control, where he currently makes a six figure salary and enjoys such benefits as a company car and an assistant. I’m sure the fact that the New York City Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Adrian Benape, is an NYCACC board member is strictly coincidental. Despite having had no experience whatsoever with animal shelters or fundraising (development), Gentles has served in various capacities, poorly, since then – credited as Spokesman, Director of Communications, Director of Operations, Director of Administrative Services, Director of Development, and his current title Director of Communications and Development – anything to keep him busy. Rarely seen in the shelters, Gentles works from the comfort of AC&C’s executive offices in downtown Manhattan, far from the action of actual shelter facilities.

Today I got this generic fundraising plea masterminded from the office of this morally compromised incompetent.

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Some thoughts immediately leap to mind:
– Open your window. Mar 20th was the first day of Spring. It was 70 degrees today. I know denying reality is your stock in trade, but… oh wait, are you already preparing in advance for next year?

– You’re paying for stock photography. According to the draconian agreement that all volunteers must sign, you own all pictures taken by ACC volunteers. Surely there are a few actual animals you could promote.

– This section just makes me laugh:

This is a shelter infamous for the callousness of its abuse, where I routinely pull animals with horrific untreated injuries and illnesses, where animals are left to die in their own waste, where they have no phones, where email goes unanswered as the slaughter continues.

Here’s a suggestion: look, as known killers and animal abusers, not a lot of people are going to donate to you – and you’re one of the few organizations I know of that actually loses money doing fundraisers because you’re so bad at them. I know a way you can book a quick six-figure savings.

Fire Richard Gentles. After all, NYCACC actually laid off good, useful employees during budget cuts – employees who helped get animals out, employees who were hard working and honest. Your continued employment of this clown is a joke. Cut him loose, save the money, and perhaps consider hiring someone competent and experienced.

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  • Sue

    It’s horrible and depressing. Have not heard anything from Manhattan BP Scott Stringer in months; he came up with a proposal for restructuring AC&C. I’m sure you already know about it, but on the off chance you (or your other readers) are not aware, here’s link to that info: Don’t know if this would solve everything, but at least Stringer seems to be concerned.

  • Sure I’d donate, if it is possible to write a check for some comapssion, empathy or morals! Cash? Not a chance!

    • Sorry Lisa but the Cmpassion Program was eliminated.

  • meredith

    Now I understand why the city pound has no adoption program to speak of – the person in charge of PR and development is a moron and a cheat! No matter how you define his job and how much you pay him – he will not succeed. He probably not even try very hard. It seems that his only success was persuading his bosses (from Benepe through Pedrolie to Bank) – to keep him employed. What a waste of taxpayers money!

  • I have been readying to write a blog about Gentiles myself –

    Any idea on what happened to those charges?


    • jbsibley

      I’m sure the Manhattan DA’s office could tell you.

    • anonymous

      There was a settlemnt inthe amount of $250,000 to the party fired wrongly

  • meredith

    This should be a public record. As well as the racial discrimination lawsuit against Ed Boks for hiring Gentles…

  • Jerilyn Piccirelli

    The nightmare will not stop without your help. Please contact me at or Kay Riviello on Facebook to find out how you can help us stop the slaughter. The time to rise up is now!!/events/135831546539738/

  • Kathleen Jack

    Now why is this not surprising…

  • apt

    I tried to get involved in CACC fundraisers a few years ago- I’m a lifelong New Yorker and was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by the wealthy and influential, though I myself am neither. I figured I could bring some of that to bear, and maybe raise some money/get some rich people involved in the CACC.

    After a couple of meetings with Gentles and co. I was beyond skeeved out. I secured a few donations for the shelter and couldn’t get ANYONE to write tax letters/thank-you letters to the donors. A friend, at my suggestion, donated a diamond necklace to a silent auction at one event and was never thanked for it, or told how much money the necklace was sold for, despite numerous requests/queries/pleas from both me and her. I was ashamed that I had asked her to donate anything….and I have a sneaking suspicion that the necklace never made it into the auction at all, the refusal to answer my calls/emails/texts (some sent to Gentles) was so pointed.

    The head of fundraising before Gentles would call/text me with outlandish requests (“we need a celebrity emcee- do you know anyone”) and then ignore repeated requests for basic information, like what the shelter needed, how could I get a tax receipt for a non-cash donation etc. etc.

    Time and again, attempts to help have been stymied by one or another of the ninnies under Gentles, or Gentles himself. I still get those Fundraising notices too, and every time I think about how great they could be – this is NYC right? Artists, writers, photographers, designers…and not one of them enlisted to do invites or press releases or take pictures of animals…

    I could just cry.

  • Y won’t anyone in POWER listen?

    I have offered my help too many times to count to Richard. I am GREAT at working on promoting things and could have made great things happen for the ACC. Each time I was ignored. Guess he’s busy “doing” other “things”…