Please Help Stop the Killing of Lennox the Cat

UPDATE 3/7: Lennox is SAFE and has been transported out of NYCACC. Please see this update for further information and THANK YOU all!

Lennox the cat was turned in to New York City Animal Care and Control with the note that he had attacked someone. While at NYCACC, Lennox has earned their highest behavior rating. His notes say that he solicits attention at the front of his cage, leans into a human hand, has a soft and relaxed body posture, and displays no aggression.

There has been no investigation by the NYC Department of Health or NYCACC as to the circumstances surrounding his “attack”, and yet he is on NY Department of Health hold and is slated for death at any time. Did Lennox have his tail stepped on, or was he mishandled? Might he have been cornered by a stranger? We don’t know. What we do know is that the Department of Health has slated Lennox for death and that NYCACC has not advocated for him. We also know that Lennox is not neutered, and neutering him would greatly decrease any aggressive tendencies he may have (but has not shown).

Please help us help Lennox to live. He deserves to be released to a responsible partner rescue that can neuter him, thoroughly evaluate his behavior, and place him in an appropriate home.

There is a petition at to request clemency for Lennox. [NOTE: Petition closed 3/7 due to Lennox being successfully released!] With every signature, emails will go to:
Thomas Farley MD, New York City Commissioner of Health
Mario Merlino, New York City Assistant Commissioner of Health
Norma S. Torres, New York City Director of Veterinary Health Services
Julie Bank, Executive Director New York City Animal Care and Control

In addition, if you can do more, please contact Dr. Farley’s office at (212) 788-5261 or fax number (212) 964-0472 and politely ask for mercy for Lennox the Cat.

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  • Pia


  • Daniela

    Do they know for sure that he even attacked someone? I have a pure feral cat in my house (3 years and I can finally pet her a little!) and she never actually attacked me – but she did scare me a couple of times. The only times she bit was when I had to catch her to get her to the vet to be neutered. She wouldn’t go into a trap so I had to corner her and grab her. Most of the time when she felt threatened she would either leave the situation, or if I had accidentally backed her into a corner she would hiss and spit and make threatening noises so I would back off. I would be really surprised if a cat this friendly actually attacked someone, and if he did then I would assume that he felt he was in danger and thought it was his only way out. Don’t dogs get a warning at first? Why is a cat any different?

    What do you mean by “can do more”? I can’t take another cat in (although I would love to take Lennox) but I would be willing to talk about my experience with a true feral. Would that help? Or are you talking about someone with feral experience offering to take the cat?

  • jbsibley

    By “can do more”, I mean phone the office Dr. Farley, NYC Commissioner of Health, and ask him personally for clemency.

    • Daniela

      Ahh! That I can most definitely do.

  • Vickie Budd

    PLEASE…save Lennox~

  • Maureen

    Signed petition. Sharing link to petition on facebook and my friends are doing the same. And just sent a fax to Dr Farley!

  • Neila Wood

    PLEASE–Spare LENNOX’S life—this is so unfair and he doesn’t deserve to die for something that might have not been his fault—Please have the decency to save him–Thank you!

  • Daniela

    Rumor has it Lennox is safe. Is that true? What will happen to him now?