Another Sponsor Withdraws From the Quick Kill Bill!

Today, 2/28, Asm. William Boyland of Brooklyn withdrew his sponsorship of the Quick Kill Bill. He is the fourth sponsor to do so. If you have a moment, please contact him and thank him for doing the right thing.

UPDATE 2/29 – Naomi Rivera just withdrew her sponsorship, the fifth sponsor to do so. Please thank her as well!

UPDATE 3/6 – Joan Millman just withdrew her sponsorship, the sixth sponsor to do so. Please thank her as well for doing the right thing!

UPDATE 3/6 – Fred Thiele just withdrew his sponsorship, the seventh sponsor to do so. Please thank him as well for doing the right thing!

UPDATE 3/6 – HUGE NEWS! The NYS Senate companion bill to the Quick Kill Bill was sponsored by NYS Senator Greg Ball. Senator Ball has withdrawn his bill, leaving the Quick Kill Bill without support in the NYS Senate. Please thank him as well! Although this is a MAJOR blow to the Quick Kill Bill, there are still ways it could move forward – so let’s take this opportunity to keep the pressure on and finish it off!

UPDATE 3/8 – Francisco Moya just withdrew his sponsorship, the eighth sponsor to do so! Please thank him for doing the right thing!

UPDATE 3/9 – Margaret Markey just withdrew her sponsorship, the ninth sponsor to do so! Please thank her for doing the right thing!

UPDATE 3/14 – John McEneny just withdrew his sponsorship, the tenth sponsor to do so! Please thank him for doing the right thing!

UPDATE 3/16 – Felix Ortiz just withdrew his sponsorship, the eleventh sponsor to do so! Please thank him for doing the right thing!

WE ARE WINNING – but now is no time to let up on the pressure; let’s keep the momentum going. The remaining sponsors of the Quick Kill Bill MUST hear from New Yorkers – and especially from their constituents. If you can, and especially if you live in their district, please call the remaining supporters of the Quick Kill Bill and urge them to withdraw their support. A summary of the bill’s many weaknesses can be found here. While you’re at it, please ask that they support REAL shelter reform in the form of Asm. Micah Kellner’s CAARA.

Remaining legislative sponsors of the Quick Kill Bill:
Margaret Markey (Queens) 718-651-3185
Robert Sweeney (Suffolk Cty) 631-957-2087
Matthew Titone (Staten Island) 718-442-9932
Francisco Moya (Queens) 718-458-5367
Felix Ortiz (Brooklyn) 718-492-6334
Peter Rivera (Bronx) 718-931-2620
Naomi Rivera (Bronx) 718-409-0109
Richard Gottifried (Manhattan) 212-807-7900
John McEneny (Albany) 518-455-4178
Joan Millman (Brooklyn) 718-246-4889
Michelle Schimel (Nassau Cty) 516-482-6966
Fred Thiele, Jr (Suffolk Cty) 631-537-2583

You may also use this link to email the sponsors. As always, adding your own personal message to the text provided for you is very effective.

Some people have contacted me and asked – if they have contacted the sponsors, commented on Asw. Amy Paulin’s Facebook page, and contacted the Chairwoman of the ASPCA board – well, what more can they do? If you live anywhere near Amy Paulin’s district, you can grab the .pdf of the ad that ran in her local paper and the paper describing the flaws in the bill, make a whole bunch of copies, and head down to any populated area in her district and pass them out and talk to people about the bill. You can also get very nice posters and stickers from this Facebook group. Hit the train stations of Hartsdale, White Plains and Scarsdale at peak commuter times. Hit the high-end retail shopping area surrounding her district office in Scarsdale. Hit the pet stores in the area. We’ll continue to fight this bill, and we’ll win.

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  • Vets Offices too !
    Thanks John for all your hard work !
    We appreciate it so much !
    Judy Starr

  • Rena

    You have had quite a day. And Pets Alive. Thank you! Especially for saving sweet Robert.

    Contacted all Assemblymembers that withdrew support and thanked them as well as encouraged support of CAARA.

  • A Concerned New Yorker

    Best place to do guerilla marketing efforts are at the following commuter stations:

    Scarsdale, Eastchester, Tuckahoe, Bronxville, Pelham, Pelham Manor, and parts of New Rochelle and White Plains.

    Hand out a PDF of the Amy Paulin Quick Kill ad and you’re guaranteed to get the ire of her constituents.

    • For anyone who wants to work the NYC side or who cannot travel to Amy Paulin’s district, consider passing out flyers, during rush hour, at Metro North trains heading up to White Plains and making stops at Scarsdale, Tuckahoe, Bronxville and other towns in Paulin’s district. Metro North leaves out of Grand Central Station. Metro North map can be found here:

      • Sharon

        If you are going to hand out stuff at Grand Central, be wary. It’s illegal. Better to hand out flyers at the end of the line as commuters come off. Or, another great tactic which I’ve used is to pay the newspaper vendors outside of Grand Central at Vanderbuilt to insert the flyer in the New York Post.

  • Update

    This is what is happening: People are calling the Paulin office and the staff there are telling them that the “psychological pain” provision will be removed. They are saying there is a five-day holding period–negating the provision about the ability to decide to euthanize, which, according to Nathan Winograd, can be immediate upon the agreement of two or more shelter staff. So they are diseminating misinformation about the bill. Also, no one is handing out flyers at the train stations or around the highend stores near Paulin’s office.

  • valerie staurt

    Thank you so very much for all you do to save animals lives! May God be with you in all you do. Yours truly Valerie Stuart

  • Joanloves cats

    I live in Margaret Markeys district, and have sent many many letters… — Is there anyway one of the poster pdfs could be edited so I could add her name to it????

    • jbsibley

      Sure – download away and slap it on!

  • C.S.Poulsen

    Thank you for publishing the email addresses of those who withdrew support from Kill Bill. I thanked each one immediately. Much easier to do when the info is provided for us. Thanks for all your hard work. C.S.Poulsen

  • Rachelle

    i commented on one of these articles a few weeks ago saying that before people choose a side they need to be sure and fully understand what this bill entails and what the alternatives are. i had been in contact with the aspca for a while and can now safely say that, as far as this bill goes, they are full of it. none of my questions were directly answered, they didn’t comment on a lot of what i had asked or brought up, and they continued to tell me the same information about the “good” parts of this bill. now that i have done some of the reading and research that i encouraged others to partake in, i am against this bill and hoping that it will go out the window. i appreciate what you (john) are doing to bring awareness to this issue. animals depend on us to care for them and ensure their safety. unfortunately, some organizations out there appear to be designed to assist animals but don’t follow through and won’t be completely honest about it. it takes the dedication and voice of others to see that the right thing is done and i pray that the animal lovers will succeed!

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  • Just emailed the 6 remaining sponsors !!!

  • Yeah ~ for the news of today of Assemblyman Ortiz withdrawal of the QUICK KILL BILL.
    I (((LOVES ))) Brooklyn my home town !