Finish Off the Quick Kill Bill!

We’ve had some good developments in fighting the Quick Kill Bill lately. We’ve enlisted the help of Assemblyman Joe Lentol to kill the bill, informed the office of Speaker Sheldon Silver, and today the first ad opposing the bill appeared in the major newspaper of sponsor Amy Paulin’s district – and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to animal lovers all over the world who donated to place that ad and inform her constituents of her intentions.

Despite all of that, the bill is not yet dead. Assemblywoman Amy Paulin has made noises about reaching out to opponents of the bill, but has not actually done so as of yet – indeed, when experts pointed out some of the more obvious flaws in her bill at the beginning of the process, she rejected their input and later labeled opponents of her Quick Kill Bill misguided, uninformed and uneducated. It’s time to put this horrible legislation away.

Every bill before the New York State Assembly gathers sponsors and multisponsors; assemblypersons who sign up to support and cheerlead for the bill. Our efforts have caused three sponsors/multisponsors to withdraw their support, but several remain. WE ARE GETTING RESULTS! IF YOU ARE A NEW YORKER, and especially if you are a constituent of one of the remaining sponsors, please follow EACH of these three links and email to remaining sponsors of this bill asking them to withdraw their sponsorship. Text has been provided, but as always adding your own heartfelt and polite message is helpful. These sponsors are not necessarily the enemy; most are merely uninformed as to the true intent of this legislation.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

If you can do even more, please call their offices in addition to sending email, especially if you are one of their constituents or know someone who is and will call, and politely request that they withdraw their sponsorship of A05449, Amy Paulin’s Quick Kill Bill.

Remaining legislative sponsors of the Quick Kill Bill:
Margaret Markey (Queens) 718-651-3185
Robert Sweeney (Suffolk Cty) 631-957-2087
Matthew Titone (Staten Island) 718-442-9932
Francisco Moya (Queens) 718-458-5367
Felix Ortiz (Brooklyn) 718-492-6334
Peter Rivera (Bronx) 718-931-2620
Naomi Rivera (Bronx) 718-409-0109
William Boyland (Brooklyn) 718-498-8681
Richard Gottifried (Manhattan) 212-807-7900
John McEneny (Albany) 518-455-4178
Joan Millman (Brooklyn) 718-246-4889
Michelle Schimel (Nassau Cty) 516-482-6966
Fred Thiele, Jr (Suffolk Cty) 631-537-2583

If any of these offices say that they have withdrawn their support, please contact me so I can confirm, announce, and remove them from the list! Thanks!

If you are NOT a New York State resident, please continue to contact the Chair of the ASPCA board to let her know how disappointed you are with her organization for their support of the Quick Kill Bill, and let Assemblywoman Paulin know that the opposition to her bill is national in scope.

Let’s get this done so we can move on to the next step – passing CAARA and SAVING more of New York State’s animals!

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  • Debby Ledbetter

    NO, I am not a resident of New York! I still want to put in my 2 cents worth! This “Quick Kill” bill is just wrong! I am an animal advocate & there is NO DOUBT that animals do have feelings, & know when “something is up”. Like “these people are about to do something to me that I don’t think I like” Very sensitive they are, believe it or not! So PLEASE!!! reconsider this action! These animals did nothing wrong! Give them a chance to make another happy! People make dogs happy, & you cannot believe how happy the dogs are! Both give one another happiness the difference in life one cannot understand unless each other has been in the position to give & get the love to others! Please, give them that chance!

  • chase

    its so wrong please,,,,,,i beg you please be kind to the animals ,,u have no right to take there lives so i am begging you and to any1 that has a heart please dont ,,,YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE THERE LIVES

  • grrace

    Honestly, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? STOP KILLING ANIMALS!!!!! It isn’t complicated.

  • Zizi

    It is still about power and greed $$$$…always has been and always will be. The ASPCA and their puppet Paulin, who did not even read the contents of her own bill , will not let go because they still want to have the last word. The Assembly sponsors need to have ads run in their districts letting their constituents know that they are supporting a Quick Kill Bill. They all need a wake-up call!

  • Regina D.

    This bill is so wrong. I have to agree with the others. Why do people want to kill animals with no reason what so ever????
    They can make other people happy and they will be happy. They can help in a lot of ways.
    And no, I do not live in New York.

  • Brian

    Great to hear you on animal wise radio this Sunday!! Keep up the honest work. Listening from Minnesota…

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  • i am no longer a member of the aspca! i was foolish enough to believe these people were helping animals……. i am so sorry i was ever a member…………….KILL THE BILL!