Update On The Quick Kill Bill: It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

Big doin’s on the Quick Kill Bill today: it was voted on in the NYS Assembly Agricultural Committee today (Wed 2/15), and I’m sorry to say that it passed by a vote of 16-6.

All, however, is not lost and there is also good news to report; this is but the first step that a bill in New York has to get through to become a law and we have powerful allies lining up to oppose this bill, including Best Friends Animal Society (their CEO, Gregory Castle, also wrote this blog on the subject), Alley Cat Allies, Michael Mountain of Zoe, and the No Kill Nation, and of course Pets Alive, among others. Every day we grow in strength, and together we sent nearly 15,000 emails in opposition with less than 1 week of notice. The bill’s sponsor, NYS Asw. Amy Paulin, has seen her Facebook page absolutely crushed with opposition and a parody page has sprung up that has nearly as many “likes” as her own.

It will now move on to the Codes Committee, where it would need to pass to go on to a vote on the Assembly floor – but in the Codes Committee we have a powerful ally and true animal lover in Chairman Joseph Lentol, who has announced his intention to not allow the bill to report out of his committee, which would stop it cold.

With the Chairman of the Codes Committee on our side, there is but one route left: the only way to move the bill forward would be if the Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, forced the bill to the floor for a vote, and this is undoubtedly the route the opposition will attempt. With all other progress blocked, Speaker Silver is the only man who could permit the bill to move forward… and thus he must hear from us.

If – and ONLY if – you are a New York Resident, please contact NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver through this email link and ask him not to allow this bill to reach the Assembly floor. There is text provided for you, but as always adding your own heartfelt and polite message is always more effective. You may also call the Speaker’s office (and that’s always a very powerful option) to register your opinion on bill A05449 at 212-312-1420 – please do this ONLY if you are a New York State resident, as the legislature in NY is known to be sensitive to the interference of “outsiders”.

If you are NOT a New York State resident, there is still plenty you can do – you can thank Aseemblyman Lentol for his leadership, contact the Chair of the ASPCA board to let her know how disappointed you are with her organization, and let Assemblywoman Paulin know that the opposition to her bill is national in scope.

New Yorkers, we need you. This bill has the power to set back the cause of animal welfare in New York State by 40 years, but we only need to convince one person to oppose it to end it. Let’s let him know.

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  • Hey,

    My wife is an advocate in another social arena (domestic violence) and told me that faxes are considered a much more effective method of opposition than emails (Must be the mounds of paper) – NYers Against Gun Violence are great at this btw if you have contacts there…

    She added that someone should write a form letter to be distributed (peopel can add their own comments at bottom), and have a day or two set aside where EVERYONE should fax their rep and Silver/Paulin/whomever.

    I would write it but incredibly busy with other stuff right now…


  • completely assinine. emails are the voice of people now
    pound of paper, huh?

    perhaps we should deliver 1000 pounds of dead cats, this week’s kill

    • Mary

      Wow Jim.
      Good idea Harris thank you

    • Completely asinine (you spelled it wrong, btw), huh?

      Do I know you? You live in NYC? Love to meet you


    • Hey Jim,

      I found you on Facebook, and other places on Internet – I see you’re a disabled vet –

      I’m gonna let your snide remark slide as I’m guessing you’re just angry at the world for your life and take it out on people on the Internet.

      Good luck with Drygoods Productions, looks like it’s doing REALLY well!


      • jbsibley

        Now now…

        I’m not sure that this is practical in this day and age; I haven’t owned a fax machine in more than 5 years and most of my friends don’t either. I’m not sure we would get enough numbers to be effective – and I’m sure not going to be able to jam their machines at the per-page cost at Kinko’s. I’m not discounting it; I’m just saying that we’re finding tactics now that are working and building a mass response.

        • I hear ya – was just passing it along

          I looked at the NYers Against Gun Violence site – They actually allow you to press a button on their site to send a fax –

          If you’re friends with Donovan, I’d suggest you tell him to watch his step – he has no idea who he’s messing with


          • jbsibley

            Hmmm, sent directly from a site? Now THAT I could get into! I’ll check into it. Not a friend or fan of Mr. Donovan. 🙂

            • Yeah – These guys don’t mess around (obviously, we can do this right now as we don’t have the means) –



              • jbsibley

                NOW I get it – I traced the link back, they contract with an outside company that provides communication services for NPOs and advocacy groups; fax blasts are one of their services. Not in the budget right now but VERY cool and good to know about.

                • Jay

                  What’s the cost?

  • Donna Greiner

    These individuals are less than human. Have they never had a beloved pet? When I see the “to be destroyed” list, I cry every night…wondering why does this go on. No one can tell me there is no money to be set aside in the great state of New York for no kill shelters. The hardness of their hearts is unbelievable……God help them, because I can’t judge the way he can.

  • Unknown

    Do you really want America to have a bad image on them selves, on being selfish and cold hearted.
    It’s really easy for people like this to kill a helpless little creature, and that really low and pathetic of us to destroy one of god’s most beautiful creature’s created.
    So do you really want to carry on this image and be proud for us “American’s” to be called Monster’s.
    Is America really that low? and if we are then I’m deeply ashamed to call my self an American then!

  • DMA

    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve sent lawmakers emails supporting humane legislation only to receive a response thanking me for my opposition. Lawmakers get thousands of emails, quickly deleted and forgotten. Signing online petitions and form letters doesn’t help either. You have to take action. Call. Fax. Visit your own lawmakers. Let them know you care by exerting a little effort!

    And don’t neglect to CALL the ASPCA. Tell it to stop supporting cruelty.

    The A aligned with the Massachusetts veterinary association to effectively kill a proposed law banning devocalization–the atrocious practice of cutting vocal cords to suppress a dog’s or cat’s voice. Fortunately, animal advocates prevailed and passed a strong law.

    But the A, which gets plenty of $$ from kind people who want to protect animals–not kill ’em quicker or cut their vocal cords–needs to stop this sort of shenanigan and remember what its acronym stands for.

  • Chris

    Feb. 19, 2012:

    “The fight is no over yet. The House Speaker Sheldon Silver must hear from New Yorkers what they think about A05449, the Quick Kill Bill.”

    From photo of Joe Lentol kissing a bottle baby kitten. “Our Assemblyman is a Chairman of the Codes Committee.” http://www.flickr.com/photos/evapro/6906387897/in/photostream/