Why We Call It The Quick Kill Bill

The ASPCA is mobilizing proxies to defend the Quick Kill Bill they’re introducing on Wednesday, February 15th. They’re following their usual playbook: promote the bill by lying about what’s in it (or not in it), and really hope no one actually reads it.

I want the animal advocates of New York to be well informed, and I want you to know what you’re fighting for is right. I encourage you to read the entire text of the bill and Nathan Winograd’s excellent and complete analysis of it. But if you read nothing else, please read the most destructive section of this very destructive proposed legislation. As this is a change to an existing statute, items contained in brackets are proposed deletions and all-caps text is proposed additions.

S 374. Humane destruction or other disposition of animals lost, strayed, homeless, abandoned or improperly confined or kept.

1. Any agent or officer of any duly incorporated humane society, a duly incorporated society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, any dog control officer, or any police officer, may lawfully cause to be humanely destroyed (by means provided for in paragraph a of subdivision [three] FOUR of this section) any animal found abandoned [and], OR not properly cared for, or any lost, strayed, homeless or unwanted animal[,] if upon examination a licensed veterinarian shall certify in writing, or if two reputable citizens called upon by such agent, officer or police officer to view the same in his or her presence find:

A. that the animal is so maimed, diseased, disabled, or infirm so as to be [unfit for any useful purpose] SUFFERING IRREMEDIABLE PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL PAIN and that humane euthanasia is warranted; or [after such agent, officer or police officer has obtained in writing from the owner of such animal his or her consent to such destruction]

So there it is in black and white, and don’t let anyone tell you differently: if an animal comes in as a stray and any two “reputable citizens” – like, say, the shelter director and their staff – agree that the animal is in “psychological pain” or that killing them is necessary to “alleviate a contagious, deadly health condition”, then it would be permissible to skip the mandatory stray hold period and kill them instantly upon entry to the facility. Other than finding two “reputable citizens”, they need no expertise, no special training, no medical background, and there is no definition provided of what constitutes “psychological pain” or what a “contagious, deadly health condition” is – if you’re familiar with the operations at New York City Animal Control, you undoubtedly know that they routinely label animals with minor illnesses such as kennel cough or no illness at all to have “major conditions” so they can put them on the kill list. With this law they wouldn’t even have to wait that long – a dog with kennel cough could simply be killed on intake without even a stray hold. Why go through the expense of even having a vet diagnose an animal when two minimum wage shelter staff can simply agree the animal needs to die and go about making it happen?

Fight this bill – find out how here. Fight it with all you’ve got, and fight it with the truth. The animals of New York are counting on us all.

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  • “The ASPCA is mobilizing proxies” Whoa! You mean they are using the Tactics of the Extremist Agenda!!!!???? No! Say it ain’t so!

  • What does that mean, that they are “mobilizing proxies?”

    • jbsibley

      Sending out people to speak in favor of the bill. I’m not going to do them the favor of linking them.

  • gwen

    Again abuse of power becomes the threat. Someone in authority, ignorant about animal begaviors and non caring will act out of feaar or just doesn’t care, and defend their actions based on law. The animal is where it is because of the human. So why do we respond to their unfortunate circumstances waving our right to destroy. Absolutely discussing. Animals areworth saving and caring for. They too are life and useful in our lives. Don’t make it so easy to kill and encourage those who abandon their pets to continue to do so. People need to be held accountable for their actions and that includes lawmakers and law enforcement.

  • People that do not care for people certainly do not care for animals. This is more despicable bully power assaults on the public. We need to expose the legislators in favor of this bill to show their heartless nature…in the meantime let’s gather tens of thousands to petition against and continue to watch for people who abuse animals.

  • Luke Thomas

    I guess the “no kill nation” isn’t doing too well, is it. You know in China they don’t have animal control. Dogs are used for beef. They eat them by the ton.

    • jbsibley

      Please don’t feed the troll, folks. Thanks!

  • JCalkin

    Why is Ed Sayres head of ASPCA? “the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals?”
    Talk about one canceling out the other!

  • Fred E. Putz

    Do you get the gitters when you are going into the hospital or the dentist?
    Consider that a dog going into a strage situation would also be shaking and confused.
    Would you not be shaking? It would take weeks of testing to diagnose such a condition. And you expect a vet to do that in a few minutes?
    The problem with you law makers is that you have no experience with the situation about which a law is being made. How many dog breeders and handlers were invited to be on the committee that wrote this bill HR 46-46?

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  • R

    And yet, we continue to allow stupid people to breed and get on Welfare? Hmmm, what’s more draining on our economy?

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  • Lindsay

    Hi JB,

    My name is Lindsay Armstrong. I’m a reporter and it was recommended that I speak to you about this issue. I sent you an email, but I’m not sure it’s still a functioning address. If you’d like to talk, please email me: lindsay.armstrong81@gmail.com. Thank you!

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