Gloria Update

Gloria’s not out of the woods yet, but this little fighter continues to improve. The blood transfusion seems to have jump-started her body’s ability to produce blood cells and so far the anemia is improving and her upper respiratory infection is getting better.

She is now well enough to leave full-time medical care and recuperate at Pets Alive and continues to improve steadily. But the big news is… as long as Gloria’s improvement continues and she gains some strength, she now has a home to go to. Her adoptive mom came to visit her today.

In her new home she’ll have cats and kids to play with – now all she has to do is get well enough to go home. Keep it up, Gloria – you can do it!

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  • maria marrin

    So happy to hear!!

  • ashley

    What a tough little cookie! Go Gloria we r all routing for you!

  • Kathy Medici

    So happy for this precious little kitty!!!! Don’t know you John but you are doing great things!!!!!

  • Janet