The ASPCA Comes Clean – And Makes Amends! Plus, Gloria’s Medical Update.

According to Kerry Clair at Pets Alive, she has received a communication about Gloria from the ASPCA. Her must-read blog on the subject lays everything out clearly and I don’t have a whole lot to add except for – yeah, what she said.

Well, okay, maybe a little. In addition to everything Kerry has said, let’s look at the statement from the ASPCA:

The ASPCA has conducted an internal investigation into why Gloria, a stray cat with a broken leg who was abandoned in front of one of the ASPCA’s mobile spay/neuter vehicles, was transferred to NYC AC&C.

Our staff followed our regular procedure of sending stray animals left with us to NYC AC&C since that is where people who have lost their pets go to look for them. At the time Gloria was admitted to AC&C, we notified its staff that Gloria had a broken leg and needed treatment.

The bottom line is that we failed Gloria, and we are grateful that Pets Alive saved her. Our strict adherence to regular procedure was clearly contrary to our mission in this case, and we deeply regret that we did not alter protocol to treat Gloria immediately instead of relying on AC&C to do so. We are implementing new procedures to prevent this from happening again.

We thank Pets Alive for stepping up to provide Gloria with the surgery and care she needed. The ASPCA is awarding a grant to Pets Alive to fund the cost of Gloria’s surgery, medical care, and convalescence and to continue its work saving more animals.

Other organizations, take note: this is how you do crisis control and this is the first time in recent memory I’ve seen the ASPCA do it right. Every organization of every size makes mistakes; they figured out what theirs was, apologized, took steps to make sure it wouldn’t happen again, and offered to help make the situation better. Additionally, the statement is straightforward and plain and doesn’t reek of corporate doublespeak or non-apology apologies. Bravo.

I wish NYCACC would be as forthcoming, but I think it’s unlikely – the ASPCA had Gloria for only a short time and I believe them when they say they informed NYCACC of her broken leg, but ACC had her for three weeks and allowed her to suffer while missing the broken leg during two examinations. The ASPCA made mistakes; ACC demonstrated total incompetency – and I will continue to follow up on how that could possibly happen.

I still have my differences there (And, ahem, what’s the deal with Benny? Remember him?), and if the ASPCA goes to bat against the upcoming CAARA bill again I’m sure we’ll go another couple of bloody rounds. I won’t be donating to them anytime soon or encouraging others to do so. But it’s encouraging to know that a group that I frequently disagree with still has good people there who were moved by the story of one cat and took steps to make it right.

We now have a common and united goal in Gloria’ recovery, and the recent news is that she has had some complications since the removal of her leg. Post-surgery she was discovered to be extremely anemic and she is in specialist care, where she is undergoing testing and had an emergency blood transfusion. Additionally, she is fighting a bad upper respiratory infection that is the inevitable result of her three week stay at New York City Animal Care and Control. She’s very sick, but she is eating and her spirits are said to be good. If she can survive three weeks on a shattered leg, she can do this too. C’mon, Gloria, New York is pulling for you.

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  • Kathy Medici

    Prayers that Gloria makes a full recovery & is adopted into a home where she will be showered with love!!!!!!

  • Tracy

    Where is Gloria now?

    • Daniela

      She is in a pet hospital. I assume Pets Alive will be posting when she is well enough to return to them.

  • AC&C Volunteer

    Nice that they gave the grant and apologized, and since Gloria is more impotant than making a point, I won’t argue this too vehemently. But the truth of the matter is that the ASPCA knows better than anyone that AC&C doesn’t have the resources to treat a broken leg, monetary or otherwise. When has AC&C ever set a broken bone on its own dime? AC&C would either euthanize Gloria, or put out an urgent plea to their New Hope partners that she had to be placed in 24 hours or so, thus shifting the expense of treating her to the tiny rescue groups like Pets Alive. I guess the rescue community are “partners” when they are absorbing expenses and “extremists” when they ask for equal access and transparency. Nice.
    They backpedaled as much as they could, and they did the right thing in the end, and we should be glad and grateful. But I am not fooled by the rational explanation. They tried to pass the buck and got caught. Thanks to activists like you who called them on it!

  • deen bean

    Well-said AC&C Volunteer!

  • ashley

    I was so upsey when I read about Glorias treatment. Thank you Pets Alive for all you have done! Get well wishes to the perfect girl Gloria

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