Supporting the ASPCA: Why Not?

I’ve long been beating the drum to encourage people to support small No Kill organizations, not the big, out of touch, slow moving, outmoded, ethically challenged monoliths of animal welfare. It seems that when organizations get to a certain size, they just lose sight of their mission. They have a tendency to focus on fundraising to the detriment of all else.

And I could go on, but why? I present to you an argument against support of the ASPCA and organizations like them published on the website of the ASPCA. Hilarious. [Update: They pulled it. No surprise – and you can still read it! See below.]

Welcome, ASPCA – it’s good to know you agree that the No Kill boat has sailed and left you behind. Hopefully this means you’ll join us.

(P.S. When they read this and pull it off the website – hi guys, thanks for reading – it’ll still be eternally available over at Google’s page cache.)

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