Gloria, In Pain No More!

Gloria, the badly injured cat abandoned by the ASPCA to die at New York City’s Animal Care and Control who was saved by Pets Alive had surgery yesterday to remove her leg, and now we know a little more. The surgery went very well and she is recovering nicely at the vet – she’s as tough as she is sweet.

Gloria in Post-Surgical Recovery

Here’s an x-ray of Gloria’s leg pre-surgery.

Gloria's (former) Leg - Click to Enlarge

Now, I don’t know about 50, but this is only one angle and there are a lot of bone chips in there. No matter the exact number, that is one horrible, extreme, exceeding painful break. More importantly, the surgeon who removed her leg was able to estimate the age of the break based on new bone growth; he says that the break is at least a month old.

So the ASPCA had Gloria when her leg was broken, probably freshly at the time. Again I ask: are they incompetent, or are they criminal? Her leg was almost certainly shattered when they had her, did they not examine her? When she was left at their mobile clinic with vets sitting just feet away, did they think to ask themselves why she might be there? How long did they have her? Did they know about her horrific injury and fail to inform Animal Control when they left her there?

And then there’s New York City Animal Care & Control – she had two medical checks there. They caught her URI; a good thing, since she got it from their disease-ridden facility – but both medical checks completely missed this shattered leg. How is the vet – or vets – who did these checks still allowed to practice veterinary medicine? Was she looked at by a vet at all, or are things so bad at AC&C that low wage vet assistants are now performing medical examinations and prescribing drugs, too?

This is the sad state of the leading animal welfare agencies in New York City. The following appeared in the ASPCA’s Twitter stream today:

The ASPCA lies about caring about the animals of New York City, and they sent Gloria to suffer while waiting to be killed at the hands of New York City Animal Care & Control – saved by Pets Alive from the kill lists.

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  • Kerri Blanchard

    Why don’t they show this segment on their Animal Planet show? I’m seriously considering going to direct T.V. just so I can dump Animal Planet and their phoney BS ASPCA hour long commercials.

    • Kathy Medici

      Why don’t you contact ALL the major television stations to see if they are willing to do a story to blow these organizations wide open? At the very least the public will know the truth about these so called humane animal organizations.

      • Donna Greiner

        This is so horrible. I have almost been sucked into joining the Humane Society and sending that 19 a month. Are you saying that there is no good work done by this organization? There are just too many animals, and not enough people to help…..Why can’t all the responders who like to criticize become helpers????? Where are all the people in political power???? This is agonizing.

      • jbsibley

        Been done many times over many years about NYCACC and sometimes about ASPCA. Major TV news stories. An entire newspaper article expose series. Damning reports by the city’s comptrollers office. On and on, over more than 15 years.

        New media gives us an opportunity to bypass old media and take the case directly to the people.

  • Kris

    NYCACC is looking to hire veterinarians ( ) that is probably why they totally missed Glorias leg being broken, they don’t have the proper person there doing the checks

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  • Denise LaChance

    I severed all connections with the ASPCA when they killed Oreo. Not with my money or support! Never again.

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  • Wow, this is really making me rethink my donations to large animal protection organizations. I think I might have to switch to donating locally only. Wow. This is depressing.

    • db

      Not only do they kill very adoptable animals, but they also fail to treat injured and sick animals and they have a huge (millions of dollars) budget that they choose to spend on salaries, advertising to bring in more money, publicity to make themselves look good, etc. They really do not do what they would like you to think they do.

  • Char

    Absolutely! I quit my membership & haven’t donated to the ASPCA since they killed OREO! There ALSO were options for this dog besides being killed!!

  • Marge

    Poor little girl. to be in constant pain like that for a month .Iv no time for our RSPCA so they must all fly the same flag.Recover little one their is a family out their looking to take you on..god bless

  • Cindy

    I officially stopped my monthly donations to the ASPCA. I will continue to give to our local shelters and Caboodle. I give to The Humane Society of America as well. Does anyone have any news on this organization that should be shared?

    • db

      Check charity navigator to see what they have to say about any charity. I prefer to keep mine local with rescues and real shelters. Frankly, I don’t trust many of the big organizations anymore. They tend to not be honest about who they are and what they do.

  • Horrible. Looks like someone needs to take them to court for cruelty to animals . Let them see what it feels like to be dragged through the mud. Only difference is, they deserve it!

  • A hideous organization!!!

  • zenijamaica

    We are a no-kill sanctuary in Jamaica (The Animal House Jamaica). If we, with no consistent funding, operating in a third world coutntry with allof the problems that entails (for example no running water, we have to have it trucked in) can do no-kill, anyone can. Pets Alive is a wonderful organization andthis is not the frst time they have stepped in to help animals spurned by the NYCACC and
    ASPCA. In fact they were the ones who had offered to take Oreo.