Gloria LIVES! And Max and Lancaster and Karina and…

This will be my third entry on Gloria, the cat abandoned by the ASPCA at the New York CIty pound who eventually ended up on the nightly kill list after picking up a cold in the shelter – as every animal who stays there long enough does, because illness is allowed to run rampant through the facility.

I never expected to meet Gloria, but life is funny sometimes. Pets Alive had just placed a few cats and stepped up to save Gloria… and four other cats from the nightly kill list.

NYC Animal Care and Control (AC&C or “the pound”) knew I was coming at 9:30 but the cats, as usual, weren’t ready. I was still there at 11am waiting for processing… which turned out to be, I suppose, a good thing – because more room opened up and I was asked to take one more cat for a total of six and a pit bull as well (Millie, a real sweetheart!). That delayed us… and it took more than an hour and a half more for AC&C to get everyone ready to go. It’s typical of the experience here – it recently took one adopter nine hours to adopt a cat.

And when I pulled in at Pets Alive and we unloaded everyone, I finally got to meet the star herself, Gloria. She’s wonderful. Very calm and affectionate and someone out there is going to fall in love with her.

The ASPCA abandoned Gloria. The AC&C had her slated for death. Pets Alive will not turn their back on her.

Please support your local organization who you know and support and feel are doing good work. Before I knew who could save Gloria, I posted an offer to donate to the organization that pulled her. Tomorrow I will make that donation to Pets Alive, and I will continue to support small rescues like them and like Empty Cages Collective and all the rest who all came together to save every single cat on the AC&C kill list for today – which the ASPCA and the AC&C could do, but wouldn’t.

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  • Mary Lee

    Thank you for what you do. We have 4 rescues – one a pit mix. I don’t think any of them would have survived if we had not taken them in. They are family. We have ten fenced acres and a doggie door that only gets closed at night. I sweep a lot! Over the years we have had a total of 7 dogs. There personalities are amazing. Glad we can help and know there are so many people like us out there.

  • John

    Wow, where do you live? I dream of 10 fenced acres!

  • George Insdorf

    Shelters needs to have inspections done with more inforced oversites with fines and better laws. If they can’t meet standards have the animals move to ‘no kill sites instead’.

  • Daniela

    Gloria has a shattered leg. It can’t be repaired so will be amputated tomorrow. How this escaped the notice of the NYACC and the ASPCA I have no idea. If you want to help with the medical expenses has a donate link. Keep her in your thoughts tomorrow .

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