More on the ASPCA’s Shelter Shuffle

Two small updates today to the ASPCA debacle – they continue to blog the operation, playing their donors for suckers. And the sending shelter claims to be “low kill/no kill” (whatever the heck THAT is) – which I suppose means they ship animals off to kill shelters via the ASPCA and then suddenly lose track of whatever might happen to them. I note that the ASPCA likes to say that these dogs are getting “a second chance”, a “better chance” or “a chance for a new life”. Carefully chosen words. It’s too bad they couldn’t be bothered to make that a certainty.

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  • Brie

    That’s what the HSUS said about The Alabama 44: dogs taken in a covert operation which was not shared with local law enforcement or any animal control personnel. Despite valiant efforts, I don’t think Yes Biscuit was ever able to get a full accounting for those dogs. Some went to kill shelters with chambers and some just fell off the proverbial grid. I never cease to be amazed at the harm that is done by these large national groups using money torn from the hearts of people who are trying to do a good thing. It is both shameful and sickening. And I consider it fraud.

  • Cindi Ashbeck

    I asked the Director of the Bay Area Humane Society about the dogs they received. All he told me was that they were from a No Kill shelter. Never answered the important question. How are they doing?!