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The Media Fabricates a Dog Attack Out Of Thin Air

People who hate pit bulls – the Merritt Cliftons, the Colleen Lynns – love to treat media “pit bull attack” stories as the gospel truth, where every reporter is a canine behavior expert capable of ID’ing any given breed based … Continue reading

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You Thought Jay-Z was Brooklyn’s Best?

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Pets Alive: Doing It Right

I don’t know how they discovered this, but it’s awesome. While NYCACC executes kittens instead of adopting them out, Pets Alive recently installed a KittenCam in their kitten room to showcase their kittens to the world. 24 hours a day, … Continue reading

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Samuel L. Jackson Reads “Go the F*ck to Sleep”

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Shoes Are Good Food

I love New York.

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Crappy Spider-Man Villans

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Breakin’ With Vin Diesel

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