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More South Bronx TNR: Foster Needed for George!

When my girlfriend and I started our small South Bronx TNR (trap/neuter/return) project here I expected most of the cats trapped to show some socialization. Most “feral” cats here in the Bronx really aren’t – living in such close proximity … Continue reading

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A Dog Guy and South Bronx Cats

I am known as a “dog guy”, which I suppose I am. My passion is dogs, much of my experience is with dogs, I have 6 dogs in my small home in the South Bronx, and the bulk of my … Continue reading

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PETA, Adjust Your Cattitude

(Warning for people with sensitive stomachs: this blog contains an icky picture, and links may contain photos of PETA’s victims. It’s not gratuitous, I promise.) Short one tonight, folks. I need some sleep. But this is pissing me off. PETA … Continue reading

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Training With The Cat Ninjas

It started as it usually does: the Executive Director of Pets Alive, Kerry Clair, texted me and asked if I could pick up 6 cats in Brooklyn and bring them up to Middletown, NY. Sure, no problem. It turns out … Continue reading

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On the Streets With Staten Island Feral Initiative

This past Saturday I went to Staten Island, one of the areas hit hard by the storm on its coast, to volunteer with Staten Island Feral Initiative. I’ve wanted to do something with SIFI for a while, as feral cats … Continue reading

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You Thought Jay-Z was Brooklyn’s Best?

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Is this No Kill? The Death of Shannon.

In a community that does not well define how animals with medical and behavioral issues are to be treated it is inevitable that animals will die for human convenience. When a coalition dedicated to taking NYC No Kill pays only … Continue reading

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NYC Feral Cat Regulations: We Were For It Before We Were Against It

Today I attended a hearing of the New York City Council Health Committee as they pondered an amendment to the disastrous Local Law 59 of 2011, which I wrote about extensively back before it was passed – it was then … Continue reading

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NYCACC: The Death of Cham

The slaughter related to failures of the new computer system continues. Cham had the misfortune of landing on the kill list on the evening of July 14th – fortunately, he was claimed by a New Hope partner through the on-line … Continue reading

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This Does Not Compute: More NYCACC Computer Errors

On the evening of July 5, a cat appeared on the nightly kill list of New York City Animal Care & Control named Missy. Here is a copy of the listing as it was sent out that evening. Helpfully, it … Continue reading

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