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Saving Bronx Cats Concludes!

I will be writing to everyone who contributed, but I wanted to post a public thank you and let everyone know that I’ve concluded the Saving Bronx Cats project, spaying and neutering 35 cats from an overcrowded apartment in the … Continue reading

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Saving Bronx Cats

I got a phone call in early October to help with a dying kitten in the Bronx. I ended up in a 2BR apartment with a couple who were clearly overwhelmed. They love cats, and they tried to do the … Continue reading

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The ASPCA Will No Longer Perform Humane Law Enforcement in New York City

The news broke this morning that the ASPCA will no longer be the primary agency handling animal cruelty complaints here in New York City, instead returning law enforcement reponsibilities to the NYPD. It may surprise some people to learn that … Continue reading

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A Dog Guy and South Bronx Cats

I am known as a “dog guy”, which I suppose I am. My passion is dogs, much of my experience is with dogs, I have 6 dogs in my small home in the South Bronx, and the bulk of my … Continue reading

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New York City Council Meeting on Shelter Oversight

From Shelter Reform Action Committee’s excellent blog comes notice of a NYC council committee meeting next week on the subject of oversight of New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and their contractor, New York City’s Animal Care … Continue reading

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Is this No Kill? The Death of Shannon.

In a community that does not well define how animals with medical and behavioral issues are to be treated it is inevitable that animals will die for human convenience. When a coalition dedicated to taking NYC No Kill pays only … Continue reading

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ASPCA: “Rescue” By Killing

On June 21st, the ASPCA’s law enforcement arm raided a building in the Bronx. The superintendent of the building was arrested and charged with multiple crimes related to dogfighting – 76 charges in all. The dogs were paraded in front … Continue reading

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NYC Feral Cat Regulations: We Were For It Before We Were Against It

Today I attended a hearing of the New York City Council Health Committee as they pondered an amendment to the disastrous Local Law 59 of 2011, which I wrote about extensively back before it was passed – it was then … Continue reading

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The Quick Kill Bill is Finally Dead

Well, it’s been a mixed news week here for the animals of New York. On the bad side, CAARA was voted down in the Agriculture Committee, which was the last opportunity to move it forward this year. Quite a bit … Continue reading

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The Myth I Hate The Most

What’s the shelter myth I hate the most? That’s an easy one. “No one wants to kill.” It’s so easy for people who are not deeply and personally involved with rescue to believe this. You want to believe that people … Continue reading

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