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Adopt a King in New York City!

Buckle in, this is kind of a long story. But King Arthur is worth it. This past summer, Arthur was trapped in a feral colony at the request of a Large Non Profit here in NYC. He was very social, … Continue reading

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Saving Bronx Cats

I got a phone call in early October to help with a dying kitten in the Bronx. I ended up in a 2BR apartment with a couple who were clearly overwhelmed. They love cats, and they tried to do the … Continue reading

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NYCACC Board Meeting – Jun 24, 10:30AM

There will be a meeting of the board of New York City Animal Care and Control on Wednesday, June 24 at 10:30AM. The official notice is reprinted below (click to enlarge). These meetings are always educational and time there is … Continue reading

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The Myth of the FBI and Animal Cruelty

You see it regularly now on Facebook in cases of animal abuse – someone will mention the FBI and how all this will be improved when they get involved in animal cruelty as they’re scheduled to, or that abuse is … Continue reading

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Dog Condemned By Sternberg Gets Reprieve

“This dog is not a pet, and I don’t care what kind of trainer you are, you can’t make this dog a pet.” – Sue Sternberg Except that sometimes – frequently, even – you can. When legendary dog trainer Jean … Continue reading

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Sue Sternberg Has A Public Meltdown

Sue Sternberg is a relic from another age; an unaccredited “trainer” who is nonetheless looked to by some – including major, national groups – as a behavior expert. Sternberg is the creator of the Assess-A-Pet temperament test and the infamous … Continue reading

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Leading Astray: Scott Stringer’s Audit of NYC Animal Care and Control

City Comptroller Scott Stringer recently gave a press conference to present his office’s audit of New York City’s Animal Care and Control (NYCACC or just ACC). He did not hold back on the rhetoric, with lines like “(vaccine) storage practices … Continue reading

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Saving Julia – And Her Unborn Puppies

NB: This was originally published on the Pets Alive blog, but I’m placing a copy here for archival purposes. There is a tempting human tendency to see things strictly in terms of black and white, of good and evil. Goodness … Continue reading

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NYCACC Breaks 90%: Is It Possible?

At the beginning of this year New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC) did something rather important: they began to provide detailed statistics directly to the public on a monthly basis in a standard shelter reporting (Asilomar) format. This … Continue reading

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Mission Creep: Best Friends Buys A Fitness Center

This is Andy. Andy is a five year old, purebred Nautilus machine. We suspect Andy has seen some abuse – his upholstery has some tears and one of his cables is missing – but we know, with your help, we … Continue reading

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