Saving Bronx Cats Concludes!

I will be writing to everyone who contributed, but I wanted to post a public thank you and let everyone know that I’ve concluded the Saving Bronx Cats project, spaying and neutering 35 cats from an overcrowded apartment in the Bronx. A total of seven were removed and placed with local adoption organizations and the owner has elected to keep the remaining cats, who are healthy and well cared for. I have let her know that I am available at any time to place cats for adoption should she wish. Removing the burden of caring for a constant flow of kittens has made a world of difference in the overall cleanliness and sanitation of the apartment.

This could easily have turned into a public health emergency or a ruined building, and the cycle of reproduction and death would have gone on for years. I am so very thankful to the people who donated and to the people who helped me, most especially the ASPCA, Anjellicle Cats Rescue, Companion Animal Trust, and Little Wanderers/Lisa Winters.

Also thanking you are… Rocky, Suki, the Black Twins, Moona, Sue Ellen, John, Jesus, Negra, Cleo, Romeo, Magic, Precious, Baby Boy, Peter, Bandit, Snow White, Cinderella, Sara, Shorty, Rapunzel, Wendy, Odyssey, Sammy, 5 kittens, America, Sylvia, Shakespeare, Cosmo, Astro, and Leo.

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