Redemption – The Film – Comes to NYC on July 16

There are a handful of books that have really shaped my world. William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Po Bronson’s What Should I Do With My Life. Tom Collins’ Good to Great. But the book that has probably impacted my life the most, especially my relationship to animals, is Nathan Winograd’s Redemption, a book that shook the animal protection movement to its core and continues to reverberate today in every animal shelter and every animal protection organization in this country and many others. It is a work that I and others found tremendously inspiring as well as practical – a movieposterwebhistory of the animal protection movement in the United States, where it has lost its way, and how to fix it; a story about believing in the community and in the power of human compassion.

Redemption has now been made into a film, and its exclusive engagement in New York City will be at 6pm on Wednesday, July 16. Following the film there will be a reception with a Q&A and book signing by Nathan Winograd.

This is not an evening of depression, but of inspiration and hope, compassion and redemption. Find out where we’ve been. Find out where we’re going. Join us at the New York City screening of Redemption on July 16.

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